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The Gift of Bible Journaling {+ A Dayspring Deal} #IllustratedFaith #DaySpring #IF_tistheseason #Biblejournaling

**I received this kit as a member of Dayspring's Illustrated Faith Launch Team. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are my own. 

When I first started Bible journaling, I honestly thought that this was going to a a fun little hobby for me. Nothing more, nothing less. I already had a relationship with God, and while I was excited to have a new way to express it, I don't think I realized what a true impact it would bring on that relationship or my faith. I did not truly know just what a gift I was being handed.

With this season of gifts in the air and the end of the year drawing near, I cannot help but reflect upon that, and today I wanted to share some of those gifts that it has given to me and why I am so passionate about sharing it with others:

The Gift of Worship.

As I said, I would never have imagined I could use help in this area, I've always loved to worship. Still, is there ever such thing as too much? Journaling gave me an all new creative outlet that I didn't know I was missing.

The Gift of Faith.

I've been a Christian for a long and I've always considered myself as someone who had a strong faith, so I was really surprised at just how much journaling impacted my faith. With each page, I found my relationship with God growing stronger.

The Gift of Peace.

Journaling for me is such a stress relief. I can color and draw, pray and sometimes even cry... and leave it all on those pages. In this year, this is perhaps the greatest gift I could have asked for.

The Gift of Sharing. 

I've never been one to shy away from talking about Jesus both here on my blog and in my personal life, but in the past I've never really been sure where to begin. How do I bring up that conversation, what do I have to offer to it? With journaling, I have something to share that I'm passionate about.

The Gift of Friendship.

Perhaps one of the greatest and most unexpected gifts that journaling has brought me personally is the gift of friendship. Soon after I started, I came across a new group just starting- a Bible journaling happy mail group. This was a group of women whose sole goal was to bless others. And while it may have started with that intention, it has in time become so much more than that. This group of Christian women that I have been blessed to co-admin through this past year truly have become wonderful friends. I can depend on them to bounce journaling ideas off of, to pray for one another and to strengthen our faiths together. They are proof that God can take something as small as a Facebook group and truly use it to impact lives, and for that I am very thankful.

With all of these gifts that Bible journaling has brought me, I cannot think of a greater gift to give this Christmas season. It is a gift with purpose, a gift that means something. It is a gift that may just be what someone on your list has been needing.

Today, I'm excited to share with you a deal that makes giving the gift of journaling a little easier. Through December 4th, you can grab 2 December Illustrated Faith Kits- Tis the Season- for just $40! Amazing, right? That's one kit for you, and one for a friend!

In case you missed it, here's a look at what you can find inside:

Prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus as Melody invites you to dive deeper into some really meaningful words during this 25-day Advent devotional.  Focusing on four special words—Hope...Love...Joy...Peace, Melody gives 25 daily prompts (along with Scripture), in hopes that you will connect with these four words, the prompts, and other details within the verse.  "May each day of this journey help build our collective excitement about the coming of Christmas day and the celebration of the Messiah!"  —Melody

Product Details:

1 devotional booklet (25 prompts with Scripture)
1 stamp pad
1 clear stamp collection with 1 sheet of cut-outs enclosed
1 roll of washi tape
1 package of 3 Scripture sharables
1 sticker
1 bow clip

Looking for more great journaling gifts? You can also grab select previous kits for just $15! Or check out these amazing BOGO deals, buy select Illustrated Faith get another FREE! Mix and match to stock up on your favorites!

Are you a Bible journaler? What gifts has journaling given you? Who on your list would love the gift of Bible journaling this Christmas?


  1. Peace of mind, relaxation and a closer relationship with god!


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