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Make Winter Travels Easier with Scrape-A-Round {+ a Deal}

Aww, winter. You get up, get yourself dressed, head out the door to go on about your day... and suddenly realize you have to scrape the ice off your windows. Oh boy, what a way to start the day, am I right? Can't there be a better solution than your every day ice scraper?

If you're tired of scraping your windows the old fashioned way, then join the Scrape-A-Round movement. You will secure your family's safety, access new gift ideas and scrape your windows cleaner in half the time with the world's best windshield ice scraper.

View the Scrape-A-Round action:

The Scrape-a-round is a brilliant feat of ice scraping engineering. The simple explanations why Scrape-A-Round is the best ice scraper are as follows:
Best ice scraper because of the softer plastic, allows the scraper to conform to the window curvature!
18" of ice scraping surface.
The comfortable grasp provides relief for the arthritic or carpal syndrome sufferer.
Direct pressure to the window, no pressure lost through the ice scraper!
The circular rotational motion of ice scraper.
Double ice scraper action, leading edge and trailing edge.
Multi functional, remove the cap and it doubles as a funnel. 
This scrapes windows frost and ice free in half the time!
Makes the perfect gift for the Holidays! 

My readers get to save! Get FREE Shipping at http://www.scrapearound.com/ Use code LU8FBEZREU2 at checkout. 


  1. this is great idea i have pu and would use it

  2. Oooh I think I need one of these for our Wisconsin winters!! We get SO MUCH ICE!!!


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