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DIY Christmas Finger Puppets {A Christmas Craft}

One of my daughter's favorite songs in this world is the 'Finger Family' song. We all know this one, right?

Mommy finger, mommy finger
Where are you?
Here I am, here I am
How do you do?

It's an adorable song, and if you search around YouTube, you'll find there are TONS of versions out there for kids to enjoy. Name a favorite character and you can probably find the song to fit! My Finley is always going around singing one of these, or making up her own version based on whatever she has on hand.

For this holiday season, I wanted to create something super special for her, and given her love of finger families, what could be better than some Christmas themed finger puppets? We are still working on more characters to add to the collection, but for now I wanted to introduce our first two friends and share how you can make these super simple finger puppets for your little ones too.

DIY Christmas Finger Puppets

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery Floss & Needle
  • Small Pom Poms
  • Googly Eyes
  • Hot Glue
  1. First up, decide who you want to make. We completely made these characters on our own, no patterns, so for our first attempt, we went with a simple reindeer. This to me is probably the easiest to create. A snowman is a close second. After you've decided who you're going with, gather your supplies needed to bring him to life. 
  2. Cut your felt. For the reindeer, a simple finger shape will do the trick.  You could do the same for a snowman as well, but we decided to give him a slightly rounder bottom. Be certain that you are cutting large enough for your finger (or child's finger) to go inside- keeping in mind that you will lose some room with the sewing. Use your first side as a pattern for the second one. (Or create one on paper first.) Go ahead and cut some for your accessories as well--- antlers for reindeer, scarf for snowman, etc. 
  3. Start sewing. I'm a big fan of the whip stitch for these felt projects, but use whatever you are most comfortable with. If you're not great at sewing, you could probably even hot glue or fabric glue the whole project, though I personally love the sewn look. On your reindeer, be certain to add the felt antlers at the top as you sew. (I switched to a classic stitch to sew these on, then back to whip stitch.) 
  4. Now it's time for the finishing touches. Add on your pom pom noses and googly eyes for the face. On your snowman, give him a scarf, or maybe a few buttons with puffy paint, if desired. 
  5. Give them to your children to enjoy! Create fun stories or sing songs!

As you all know, when I'm working on craft projects, I look for two primary features. First they must be easy. While this may take a little more effort than previous crafts I've shared, it is still exceptionally easy... even for someone just learning to sew. The second is that they must be budget friendly, and this one certainly is that. You can pick up individual pieces of felt for 20-30 cents. The same goes for the thread. You can also buy in bundles for often cheaper deals if you plan to use more for future projects, and use craft store coupons to bring the price even lower. I purchased my googly eyes and pom poms both at my local Dollar Tree, so altogether this project didn't even hit $5! A simple, inexpensive project that bring such joy! Definitely a win in my book!


  1. Omgosh how cute are these?!?! Seriously ADORABLE!! My son would have a blast making these with me and playing with them after!

  2. These puppets are so cute. The fact that you're making memories with your little one with this project is great.

  3. I love this idea and what a great way to get the little ones in the fun! for Christmas .


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