Monday, October 17, 2016

Treat Your Little Nerd with Nerd Block Jr {A Subscription Box Review}

**Product received for review. All thoughts are 100% my own.

If you were to ask my son to describe himself in just one word, chances are he would tell you that he is a nerd. He's not just A nerd though, he is a PROUD nerd. He wears that label with pride! And in our home, being a nerd is a GOOD thing worth celebrating.

One way we can do that each month is through Nerd Block Jr!

Nerd Block Jr. is just like comic con in a box, and geared for kids aged 6-11! Similar to our classic Nerd Block and for only $13.99 a month plus shipping, Nerd Block Jr. is filled with toys and collectables from your kids favorite brands including Star Wars, Adventure Time, My Little Pony, Angry Birds, and many more! Each item is Geek Tested, Nerd Approved!

Now, perhaps you read that description and think to yourself, 'Well, most of that sounds good... but my son doesn't want My Little Pony!'. Here's the good news- there are 2 boxes! One is geared towards boys and offers great brand like Star Wars, TMNT and Marvel. One is geared towards girls and features those options that girl nerds tend to prefer like Shopkins, Disney and My Little Pony. We were lucky enough to receive both boxes in September- take a look inside-

As you can see, each box is packed FULL of nerdy goodness that kids will LOVE. But let's take a closer look inside each box, starting with the girl box:

  • Angry Birds Mash'ems
  • Minnie Mouse Shoelaces
  • Monster High Zipper Pouch
  • My Little Pony Blind Bag
  • Shopkins Matching Game
Now, technically at just three years old, my daughter is technically younger than the target audience for this box, but she loved it nonetheless! Aside from Monster High, these were all brands and characters that she already loved! It would be hard to choose just one favorite, but if I was pressed I'd say it was the My Little Pony blind bag. For whatever reason, she loves watching blind bag videos on YouTube so she loved having one of her own. The whole box is in fact much like a giant blind bag and/or mystery egg, but the surprise inside the surprise was even more exciting!

Next up, the boy box-

  • Star Wars Matching Game
  • Raving Rabbids Figure
  • Ninja Turtles Bling Bags
  • Marvel Mini Action Figures
  • Mega Man Plush

Again, these were all characters and themes that my 9 year old loved, but I have to admit, when he opened the box, he made it no further than the Mega Man plush. Not only is Mega Man one of his absolute favorite video game characters, but plush toys also happen to be a favorite of his. He already had many of his favorite gaming favorites like Mario, Luigi, Pac Man, etc, so this was the PERFECT addition to his collection. As you can see, it was love.

After some of the excitement of the plush died down a bit, he had time to dig into the rest of the box. It was love all around. It truly was everything he loved packed into a box and delivered right to our door! What a fun monthly surprise!

And as awesome as they have been in the past, starting with October's boxes, they're getting even BETTER--- they will now each include an exclusive tee...just like the adult Nerd Blocks!! Each box is valued at approximately $60, but you pay just $19.99 a month plus shipping! Awesome, right? And you can choose how many boxes you want...order month by month to choose which months you want a box here and there...or you can subscribe for 3 months, 6 months or a year and save each month! There are so many options to best fit your needs!

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Stuck on what to get the Nerd in your life this holiday season? Surprise them with a box or a subscription! It's the perfect gift for every little nerd.


  1. Omgosh how cute!! My son would adore this!! I swear he's a bigger "nerd" than this mama is ;)

  2. these are cute and great idea for christmas that whole family can enjoy. i lovw this article ad blog.


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