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One Small Donkey {A Christmas Kids Book Review}

**Book received for review, all thoughts are my own.

With Christmas coming up quickly, I am already on the search for great resources to help remind my little ones the true reason for the season- movies, books, games... we're always looking for unique ways to keep Christ in our Christmas. Every year, I love adding new books that do just that. This year, we have already added a super cute addition that just may become a favorite- One Small Donkey for Little Ones.

Little ones can do big things for God!

Your family will love this heartwarming Christmas story told from an unlikely perspective: a donkey carrying Mary to Bethlehem. Though the donkey wasn’t the biggest, fastest, or strongest of all the animals, he had an important job all the same. Adults and children alike will love the message about how God has big plans for little ones.

Dandi Daley Mackall loves God, children, words, and animals. Her nearly 500 books for children and grown-ups have sold more than four million copies worldwide, and her awards include an ECPA Christian Book Award for Best Children’s Book. Dandi writes from rural Ohio, where she lives with her family, including horses, dogs, cats, and an occasional squirrel, deer, or raccoon.

This book is fantastic! First and foremost, it's a sweet little story that retells the story of that very first Christmas through the perspective of the little donkey carrying Mary on his back. It is fun and easy to read for new readers, and the perfect link for Christmas bedtime stories too. I love that it offers this fun point of view that still reminds kids that Christ is at the center of Christmas, but isn't just another retelling of the Bible stories...it has its own unique spin!

Beyond that, I love this message in it as well that little ones can do big things for God. I truly believe that this is a message that kids (and adults too) can use not just at Christmas time but throughout the year as well. If God could use a simple donkey to carry the mother of Christ to His birth, imagine what he can do with US! What a beautiful reminder!

My daughter has already fallen in love with this story and we look forward to reading it more and more as the Christmas season arrives.

One Small Donkey is available to purchase now at your favorite Christian book retailers.


  1. Oooh I love it! I think this will be our St Nick book gift this year!!


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