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DIY Gerber's Lil' Beanies Pumpkins {A #GerberWinWin Halloween Treat} #sponsored

Halloween is almost here, and everywhere we look it's candy, candy, candy! So much candy! Now, don't get me wrong- I love candy as much as the next girl, but when it comes to little ones? Well, we try to limit that as much as possible. Instead, we want to get them in the habit of making good food choices earlier on so that they are used to that as they get bigger and are able to make their own food choices. It's easier to start good habits young, then break them when they are older, right?

One treat that we personally love in our house that both tastes great and is better for little ones is Gerber's Lil' Beanies snacks.  Lil' Beanies (TM) is the first bean based snack in the baby aisle. It is made from the goodness of navy beans to deliver 2 grams of protein (9% Daily Value), 1 gram of fiber and 10% Daily Value of Vitamin E per serving. Gerber® Lil’ Beanies(TM) Snack is baked, not made with genetically engineered (GM) ingredients, and is naturally flavored! The come in two delicious flavors: original and white cheddar & broccoli. Because they look similar to other cheese puff snacks, they appeal to kids as a fun treat that they WANT to eat, and they taste delicious too!

Lil' Beanies are already fun all on their own, but I wanted to do a little something to take them to the next level for Halloween, so I headed to my local Target store baby aisle to pick some up!

DIY Gerber's Lil' Beanies Pumpkins

  • One container of Gerber's Lil' Beanies
  • Orange Tissue Paper
  • Green Pipe Cleaner or Ribbon
  • Marker or Black Construction Paper (optional)

  1. Lay 2-3 pieces of the orange tissue paper on a flat surface. (You'll ideally want enough that you aren't seeing through the tissue paper.)
  2. Place your Lil' Beanies of choice in the center.
  3. Lift the sides of the tissue paper up and bring them around the container.
  4. Just above the can, tie the tissue paper closed with your pipe cleaner or ribbon.
  5. If you'd like to keep a simple pumpkin, you're done! Want to make it a little spookier? Use a black marker to draw on a Jack O' Lantern face, or use construction paper to cut out the pieces and glue on.

That's it! This super simple DIY will make these better for kids option even more fun and festive for Halloween! Kids will love the fun of the pumpkin treat, and YOU can give them a treat that you feel good about. How's that for a win/win!?

But the wins aren't over yet! You can also save money with this fantastic Ibotta offer for Lil’ Beanies. Buy one and get $1!!! How great is that!? Click here to start saving!

Have your little ones tried Lil' Beanies yet? Visit this link and let me know what flavor they'd like to find inside their pumpkin surprise!


  1. SO cute!! What a perfect treat for our friends with little ones too small for candy!!

  2. First off, I have to say that you have a cutie pie! She sems to love Lil gerbers beanies! I love your creativity of the pumpkin with the can!

  3. What a cute lil craft idea. These snacks would be great for my grandsons.

  4. i like the idea snd then the kid get goodie for them

  5. My grand daughter and my niece's daughter both love these little snacks!


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