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#WordsMatter with Letterpress Blocks From Dayspring {A Visual How To Guide}

** I received product in exchange for this post. All thoughts are 100% my own. Post contains affiliate links. 

Have you ever looked at the Letterpress Blocks from Dayspring and thought to yourself, 'Yes, they look nice in pictures, but I couldn't make them look like that!'

After all, they come in individual letters for you to arrange yourself, so getting them in all those fun arrangements? Difficult, right? I mean do you hang each one individually? How does it work?

Today, I'm giving you a quick little how to to help better understand how Letterpress Blocks work and how to bring the words that mean the most to you into your home.

First up though, the basics:

What are Letterpress Blocks?

Letterpress Blocks are beautiful wood blocks handcrafted in India, each individual block features a metal letter, number or symbol and give you the chance to create and customize your own wall or shelf decor with the words or phrases that mean the most to you. You can buy sets such as the Everyday Words that feature a variety of phrases in one box. You can purchase smaller sets that feature just one word and/or phrase. Or you can create your very own word to fit your needs- a family name or your one little word for the year. Whatever those words that mean the most are for you, Letterpress Blocks allow you to bring them into your decor.

So, how do they work?

When you purchase your Letterpress Blocks, you will receive not only the blocks but the clips to connect them as well. On the back of each block, you will find grooves on all 4 sides, these are perfectly spaced to allow you to clip blocks together...in any direction! They can be arranged vertically, horizontally, straight across in perfect order or with a fun staggered look. Because these grooves cover the entirety of each side, you can truly play around to get the look you love.

Confused? I'm a visual person, so let's break it down:

1. First up, on a flat surface arrange your letters to the look you're going for. Play around with arrangements to get just the look you love.

2. Once you've figured out your layout, flip the blocks over.

3. Snap two clips into the grooves on the back of each block, connecting the two blocks together. These aren't difficult to snap on, but may take a bit of practice at first. Personally, I found that two clips at each connection worked well for me, but if you're using bigger blocks and need a little more stability, go ahead and add a few more. These clips are incredibly sturdy. I found that I could hold my words by one letter and it would stay put just fine!

4. Continue snapping clips on until your word is complete.

5. Place on a shelf and you are set!

Want to hang it? Complete the steps as listed above, but rather than placing on the shelf, instead use at least two nails (one on each end) to hang. For longer words (6+ Letters), a middle nail will help it to hang more securely. Now, I must admit with different heights, etc hanging can be rather tricky, but you can use tape to measure and mark just where your nails need to go, making the process much easier!

Ready to bring Letterpress Blocks to YOUR home? Visit Dayspring to shop premade sets or to create your own word.

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  1. Love them!! They are so pretty and so bold!! Super cute!

  2. I love how simple yet fashionable these letters look. So cool how they are to hook together!


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