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Why I Choose Illustrated Faith {New Products Now at Dayspring} #IllustratedFaith #Dayspring #BibleJournaling

**Products received for consideration. All thoughts are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

'What are your favorite Bible journaling supplies?'

When I'm talking to people about Bible journaling and how to get started, this is naturally a topic that comes up often. And it's a long one to answer! I have found so many supplies that I love and use for different reasons, that it truly is hard to choose just one. So I started thinking instead about what some of my favorite pages were. When I looked at those, I found a common occurrence. Nearly every single one featured at least one product from Illustrated Faith! As a matter of fact, I have my journaling supplies organized by types- die cuts in one box, stickers in another, project life type cards in yet another... but my Illustrated Faith products have a box all to themselves, and that is the FIRST box I reach for. Every single time.

So, why Illustrated Faith?

For me, it comes down to two things. First and foremost the style. There are many different collections available from Illustrated Faith and I honestly cannot say that there is one I don't enjoy. They all use colors beautifully, and the designs are not just cute, they're clever too. They play with words and make faith fun...as it should be! But, I could walk into any scrapbook or craft store and find a ton of die cuts and stickers that are just my style too. The problem? Finding the styles I love that work well for Bible journaling! I'm often finding pieces I like, but perhaps the phrases are not quite right. The other faith based collections out there? Personally I found that many of them were a bit old fashioned for my tastes. Illustrated Faith products are always fresh and fun, and give me a great starting point to journal from!

And now, with BRAND NEW products from Dayspring, I have even more inspiration! As part of Dayspring's Illustrated Faith Launch Team, I was given the chance to check out a few of these new products for myself. Take a look at these great items I received:

Give Me Jesus Paper Pad- This is one of the 3 new paper pads that just arrived, and it is pretty amazing! One of my favorite things about this particular new product is the versatility. I can create my own die cuts, I can scrapbook, I can create fun cards... there truly are limitless options! I've not yet jumped in with these, but look forward to having fun with my Silhouette with these gorgeous designs!!

Geo Clear Cuts- Okay, so I have to admit... cutting is not my thing. I have issues with my hands that can make getting intricate cuts a bit difficult. You may have noticed in my previous Illustrated Faith kit posts, that my die cuts aren't always perfect. So, when I saw these clear cuts, I was THRILLED! I don't have to worry as much about perfect cuts because instead of white, it's just clear. And the images themselves can be seen through as well! My favorite parts however are the backgrounds! These are going to be so fun to create overlays with. This is again one of three new clear cut pads now available, and I hope to add the others to my collection soon!

Black & White Washi Stickers- I've mentioned before that washi tape happens to be one of my favorites, and these washi stickers are no exception. Actually, I might love these even more than my washi tapes! First and foremost, the designs are fabulous. The black and white truly go with anything and help you add that much needed pop to any page. They- like washi- are easy to reposition as needed, and unlike washi where I find I end up with a whole roll that I may love, but really only needed for a page, I get just what I need! This is one of four sets of washi stickers.

Topics Tabbies- Confession- I'm not much of a tab person. When I'm looking at supplies for journaling, it's probably the last thing I look at. But I absolutely loved these! The designs were fantastic, of course, but I am often a topical Bible reader myself. I mean, I'll read the Bible aside from that too, but when I'm dealing with something in my life, I love being able to flip right to what I need when I need it. These tabbies a allow you to do that easily. And even if you don't use them as actual tabs but rather an extra element on the page (as I often do), it can be a great reminder of what was on your mind when you journaled these pages. This is one of six new sets available.

Words Designer Clips-
Talk about taking your paper clips to the next level! These are fabulous and fun! From marking your page to adding a fun element, for journaling, planners or just because... these are seriously the greatest! I am having so much fun using them for anything and everything! This is one of six gorgeous sets!!

Word Art Tip Ins-  I've talked about using the scripture cards in the monthly devotional kits as tip ins, but these are even better. They are perfectly sized to fit in the margins of your Bible, and can be applied with washi so that you can journal on the other side. They can be used as a fun bookmark! The styles are so fun, and again I cannot help but love the humor. This is one of three.

All of these new additions have been wonderful, and I've so enjoyed incorporating some of them into my journaling already. But this is only a small selection of everything new! In addition to these all new products, there are new stamps, die cuts and stickers too in all new collections. In fact, I loved these other collections so much, that I had to order them myself!!! The Bright and Brave collection is 100% ME- glasses and typewriters and beautiful vibrant colors, I cannot wait to play around with them! And the Christmas collection... well... it may be early, but I am already prepared to journal through the holidays!

These new products, and all of those old favorites, are available to purchase NOW at Dayspring online! And when you use the code IFSHIPSFREE at checkout, your Illustrated Faith order will ship FREE!

Stay tuned to hear more about September's new monthly devotional kit, Through Christ.


  1. Omgosh I love these!! I need to get a kit for my new bible that I won from you!! Can't wait to get started!!

  2. i love this kit because it is so useful for spiritual growth . i appreciate this review.


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