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Save Money on Birthdays & More with Groupon Goods {#Groupon #ad @Groupon}

**A huge thank you to Groupon for sponsoring today's post. All thoughts are my own.

In our household, August is the month of the birthdays! My son's birthday comes first on August 4th, then my daughter's on the 19th, and finally my own on the 23rd. My husband is the only non-August birthday in our little family. On the one hand, this makes for a very exciting month! Every time we turn around there is another celebration! More fun, more cake! It's never ending! But with celebrations come expenses! It's basically like Christmastime in August. It may be fun, but being on a budget we have to find ways to stretch our money!

Thankfully, Groupon Goods can make that easier!

I was first introduced to Groupon several years ago through their Groupon Local sites. These allowed me to find great daily deals on services in my own area like spas or automotive or entertainment. To be honest, for quite some time, I actually thought this was ALL Groupon had to offer! Boy, was I wrong! In addition to these great local service deals, they offer offer great deals on goods too!! From fashion to home goods, toys to electronics, we can find great deals on TONS of products that my family will love! This makes it a fantastic place to shop for all of our birthday shopping needs!

Take my son for instance! He loves his video games. Birthdays or Christmas- there is always at least one video game or console that he has on his wishlist. And honestly, these can get VERY expensive. But with Groupon, I can find some of those things he loves for a fraction of the cost! A Playstation 4 for $80 off!? Yes, please! Games for less? I'll take them! Meanwhile for my daughter I can find great toys and more with her favorite characters without breaking the bank. There is a little something for each of our birthdays, helping us to stretch that tight birthday budget even further!

With so many great deals available each and every day, it truly is hard not to fall in love with Groupon and everything they have to offer! I certainly have! You may not have back to back birthday to shop for, but no matter what it is you're needing to shop for, Groupon is sure to have deals to save you money!

And if you're new to Groupon, you can save even more! Choose one deal $25 or more and use code WELCOME at checkout for $10 off your first Groupon! How fantastic is that!?

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Do you love Groupon? Visit Groupon Goods and let me know some of your favorite deals? How can they help YOU save!?


  1. Oh man... groupon tends to be a black hole for me!! So much on there!! Right now they have one of my personal favs, spend $5 and get $10 at Starbucks!! Wooooo!!

  2. Groupon is a great way to save money on birthday presents and I know what you mean about having so many birthdays in August. I have 3 family members with their birthday next month.

  3. I have yet to use groupon, but always hearing about the great savings! I wonder what's available in my area....

  4. i love this idea and i love groupon. groupon has some amazing deals and its always on myt list to check out great deals.


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