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Sofia the First The Secret Library: Now Available on DVD {+Activity Sheets}

**DVD received for review! All thoughts are my own!

In this household, we are all about princesses! Perhaps you figured it out from the name of this blog, or maybe you've been around awhile and figured it out that way... but it's absolutely true! I have always loved them myself, and that is a love that I passed onto my daughter.

Naturally, being a fan of princess- and especially Disney princesses- Sofia the First is always a huge hit in our home!!! So, when I heard of the new DVD out earlier this month- Sofia the First The Secret Library, I knew we had to add it to our collection:

Knowledge Is The Key To Everything! Unlock the next magical chapter of "Sofia The First!" When Sofia discovers a wondrous hidden library of unfinished books, she learns it is her destiny as "Story Keeper" to make the tales come out right. Fly along on her brave quest to rescue Minimus' brother. It seems impossible - until Princess Merida offers some spirited advice! Then, journey to Freezenberg, where Miss Nettle has snatched all the snowdrop flowers in the kingdom. Can warm hugs from Olaf inspire Sofia to save the day? Bursting with fun, "Sofia The First: The Secret Library" proves that when you believe in yourself, you can create your own happy ending!.

Like I said, we were already big Sofia fans in our home, but this one might just be our favorite yet! Why's that you ask? It could be the fun stories, of course! It truly is a great one...and like all Sofia episodes truly teaches little girls powerful lessons and shows them what it really means to be a good princess. But let's be honest, for my daughter this one was all about the guest princesses! Now, for those who may not be as familiar with the show, on occasion, when Sofia needs some help some of our favorite Disney princesses are brought in to help teach those lessons mentioned before. We've seen Jasmine, we've seen Belle, we've seen Mulan. These episodes are always my daughter's favorites- she loves seeing those other familiar characters in a whole new setting! The most recent princess my daughter was introduced to was Merida from Brave, and she quickly became a huge fan! So, when she saw her in the first part of the DVD, she was thrilled! But the excitement grew even more when the next special guest arrived- and wasn't a princess at all! It was none other than Frozen's Olaf!!! My daughter like so many girls of all ages is certainly Frozen obsessed so this made her day! Her favorite show and her favorite movie, all rolled into one! This is certain to be one that every Sofia and Frozen fan is sure to love and watch over and over again!
Sofia the First The Secret Library is available to purchase now.

Want to keep the fun going? Check out these fun activity sheets!
Download Sofia The First - The Secret Library Activities


  1. Special appearances by Merida?!?! Yay!! She's my FAV!!!

  2. Ashley Chassereau ParksJuly 1, 2016 at 11:29 PM

    My girls LOVE Sofia! My oldest says she is Belle and her little sister is Sofia! (She says that because of their hair color and eye colors. lol!) I know they would love this... especially appearances by Merida and Olaf. (Olaf is my favorite!)

  3. How great! My nieces like Sofia. They're all into princesses!

  4. I have heard so much about this! But my lo is too little to really get any of it yet.


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