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So, You're Ready To Potty Train... {Top 5 Potty Training Must Haves + An AppleCheeks Review}

**Product received for review. All thoughts are my own.

Like it or not, cloth diapering days eventually have to come to an end... that's right, I'm talking potty training. While we are not quite in that boat yet with my daughter, its getting closer and closer. Personally, I like to be prepared! So, today I'm sharing a few of my top picks for must have potty training essentials!

A Potty Chair.

First and foremost, you need a place for your little one to potty. You can choose a child size seat or a potty seat that goes right onto the toilet. I personally find the child size seat is a little less intimidating for little ones, but I love the seats that also have a removable potty seat to make transitioning to the big potty a little easier. The best potty seat to buy? The one your child will use!

Wet Bags.

Don't throw those wet bags away just yet! Accidents are bound to happen, and wet bags can be your very best friend to keep those soiled clothes separate until wash time.

Carpet Cleaner.

Again, accidents happen...so be prepared! Have a favorite carpet cleaner handy, just in case (with littles it's probably a good idea to have that on hand anyway, right!?) Some other mess preventions to consider? Extra sheets, mattress protectors, extra pants... well, you get the idea!!

Reward of Choice.

Rewards can be a great potty training aid for many children. Many think of candy, but if you prefer to stay away from sugary treats you could instead consider small carnival prize type toy, tablet/phone time, etc. Even a fun sticker chart and lots of celebration can be a huge motivator. Find what works best for your little one!

Training Pants.

After a place to go, perhaps the other most important must have is what they wear! On the plus side, cloth diapers do allow little ones to feel more than their disposable counterparts, BUT can be rather difficult to get off on their own in a timely manner. So training pants are definitely a must! And when it comes to training pants, I've found that nothing can beat AppleCheeks Learning Pants!

So, what sets AppleCheeks Learning Pants apart?

These learning pants are made from a poly-cotton blend and are lined with PUL just where your kiddo needs it most. They feature two layers of absorbent microterry in the 'wet zone' so that should an accident occur, it helps keep it contained...you can even add an extra insert if necessary! These truly are a great transition from diapers to underpants, while still giving extra wetness protection too!

They are available in three sizes to help you give your little one the best fit:

Small – Size 2/3 – Fits approximately 18 – 25lbs

Medium – Size 4/5, approximately 25 – 35lbs
Large – Size 5/6, approximately 30-45+lbs

We were recently given the chance to try a pair out for ourselves, and they were a huge hit! First of all, they fit well. My daughter is a solid 2T, so the small worked well for her. Unfortunately, we've had the experience of #2 accidents and ill fitting undies and let me tell you, it's not a pleasant one! The insert is not nearly as thick as that of a cloth diaper, so it gives my daughter the feel of being in big girl pants, but still offering some extra absorbency for those inevitable accidents. It can also be removed as she becomes more comfortable using the potty and less likely to have accidents, while still having some built in too. The PUL lining also helps keep these accidents under wraps. Again, these are not meant to take the place of cloth diapers, but to be used during potty training so while they have some absorbency and waterproofing, they are not as fool proof as diapers... but they are just right for toddlers!

You can learn more about AppleCheeks Learning Pants and more great products at the links below:

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Are you potty training your little one? What are some of your top must have products to get the job done?


  1. These look wonderful, and they are so cheerful, too, it makes potty training exciting for everyone involved!

  2. Haha... yes to carpet cleaner!! We are in the thick of potty training and its bringing me to the brink of insanity on a daily basis. Regardless of rewards I cannot for the life of me get him to poop on the potty!!

  3. I like the look of those training pants a lot. :) I'd have to add a few things to the list, personally. With my last three earth babies, I discovered potty parties. They work even with difficult children. You have to go all out and make it super fun and exciting for your child. I find it's worth it since my first two potty training experiences were not good.

    I've potty trained five earth babies now and the process with the first two was awful. I didn't even finish training my oldest child because she just wouldn't go #2 in the potty. My daycare provider ended up finishing up the training for me. Luckily, she was a new in-home provider, a family friend. I wonder if she would've been rejected from other daycare facilities if it hadn't been for our daycare friend. With my second child, I'm ashamed to say I tried a very questionable method and even now at age 17, my child still remembers it. My poor baby. :(

    Anyway, throwing potty parties has worked extremely well for us. My younger children potty trained much quicker and easier. we used Teri Crane's method and throw a bit potty party, decorate the house and use a potty training buddy doll. Someone once told me it's a lot like Dr.Phill's method. I have no idea if that's true since I'm not a Dr. Phill fan.

    My personal must have products include most of what you said plus a potty training doll ( not necessarily one that wets), a video called Potty Power, party supplies, a sticker chart and stickers, Teri Crane's book and healthy treats to reward the potty trainee. I know that sounds like a lot, but IMO, it's much easier to put a lot of effort into a potty party and get most of the training done in one day. It's seriously reduced the stress and number of accidents to clean up. That is a huge win for me.

  4. Those training pants are just what I need for my grand kids.

  5. Cute training pants! Awesome. Seriously. I think it's nice when you can make a task that's not "fun" a little bit more "fun."

    We had a potty training book and I wish I remembered the name of it. It was totally age appropriate with anatomically correct drawings. There was a book specifically for boys and specifically for girls.

  6. I have only one child and he is 28 years old. Needless to say, I did potty training quite some time ago. I wish I had these pullups back then!!

  7. I have only one child and he is 28 years old. Needless to say, I did potty training quite some time ago. I wish I had these pullups back then!!

  8. These are absolutely wonderful ideas. I thank you for sharing them with us.


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