Thursday, January 14, 2016

Disabled Veterans Regain Independence with Premier Care in Bathing #sp

**This is a sponsored post written by me for Premier Care in Bathing. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Do you have a daily wind down ritual that helps you relax and forget your worries?

Maybe it's changing into your PJs, sitting down with a cup of tea or curling up to a good book. Maybe it's coloring or binge watching a favorite show on Netflix. For my husband, it's taking a bath. Every day he comes home from work, he fills up the tub and takes a nice, long soak.

After a long stressful day working as a recruiter, that soak helps to ease all the aches and pains of the day...and those that his years in the Marine Corps have brought him too. Being in the military is rough on a person's body. We associate the military with being physically fit, and while that is true, we don't often consider the physical hardships they have placed upon their bodies too. They push their bodies to the limits, experience the physical tolls stress can take and at time even sleep in less than ideal situations. During my husband's last deployment, he spent the entire year sleeping on a cot... not a big, comfy mattresses most of us are used to, but a small uncomfortable cot. Needless to say, this has taken a real toll on his back and is something he still experiences some pain from. So, these daily soaks? They are a necessity!

But for some service men and women, something that for my husband is so relaxing is instead another physical hardship. For those who have been injured in the line of duty, limited mobility can make bathing a struggle, not a relief. It is something that requires a lot of effort and sometimes even assistance from others.

If there's one thing that I know about veterans, it's that they like to be independent. They do not want to have to depend on others to do their daily tasks like showering and bathing. They want to take care of themselves.

Thankfully, Premier Care is available to help give them the safety and independence they desire.

So, who is Premier Care?

Take a look:

At Premier Care in Bathing™, we recognize the dedicated service of our veterans, and have dedicated our own services to creating safe bathing solutions that fully address your particular needs. Like you, we value security and independence to a high degree. It is with that notion in mind that we design and build bathroom products and accessories that not only refresh your body and mind, but also help feel safe, confident and comfortable enjoying a bath or shower on your own.

How do they aid veterans? They offer safe bathing solutions that are sure to fit whatever needs veterans may have, such as:

  • Hydrovescent® therapy jets. Talk about a bubble bath. With thousands of champagne like bubbles massaging away aches and pains, this is sure to take bubble baths to a whole new level.
  • Walk-In Showers/Tubs. Perhaps the hardest part of bathing for those with limited mobility is actually getting in and out of the tub. Walk-in tubs make that easier with no high ledge to climb over, allowing injured vets to bathe independently, or aid their caregivers if still required.
  • Momentum Handicap Bathtub. For those who need even more assistance, this is the ultimate option. It features a 'slip-resistant, power-lift chair with optional leg rest that swivels in and out of the tub with the press of a button'. Pretty fantastic, right?
  • ADA-compliant grab bars. These bars provide much needed stability and security to prevent falls in walk in tubs and showers.
This all sounds great, right? But what about the installation? And the cost? We all know that veterans are often on a pretty limited budget. There's good news! Premier Care in Bathing offers Custom, professional installation, veterans discount and even financing options are available. And their products are backed by warranty so you can feel confident you are getting high quality service!

If you know a veteran that would benefit from these products, let them know about Premier Care in Bathing today. You can find out more and connect at the links below:

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  1. This is awesome, never saw anything like it. It is great they give a discount for veterans.

  2. What an amazing tub system!! Wow!! I can imagine how fabulous this would feel for any aches and pains but especially for our veterans!! They really do deserve the best treatment available!


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