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Halloween Crafting: Easy Handprint Spider Kids Craft

Halloween is coming up, and we could not be more excited! So today, we're celebrating with a fun kids' craft that you can do with your little ones at home!

Handprint Spider Kids Craft

  • Paper Plate
  • Black Construction Paper 
  • White Crayon
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint/Markers/Crayons
  1. First up, have your little one color their plate! For the most vivid color, go with paint, but if you'd prefer, crayons or markers will work fine too!
  2. While that dries, it's time to make the legs! On a piece of black construction paper, trace your little one's hand- use a white crayon to make it more visible. (Hint: If you want your spider to be most accurate with 8 legs, you can trace as your child hold up 4 fingers OR trace the whole hand and just cut the thumb off before attaching! I also suggest tracing the arm at the bottom as well, for more room to attach!)
  3. Now, it's time to attach the legs. On the back of your plate, glue the hand prints so that 4 fingers show on each side.
  4. Finish up by adding some eyes- use construction paper, draw them on, or even use some fun googly craft eyes if you'd like.

There you have it. Super easy and fun for the Halloween season. But the fun of this particular craft is that it's not JUST for Halloween, it can also be a fun little art project to go along with your child's favorite nursery rhymes like 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' or 'Little Miss Muppet'!


  1. Not only is this a simple craft good for different ages, but it is also a budget friendly craft.

  2. This looks super easy and fun! I think I will do this with my little ones today! Thank you!

  3. Super cute!! I love that it uses handprints! I'll love looking back and seeing how small his hands were :) Such a fun idea!! Well do this tomorrow!!


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