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Monsters Away Monster Spray {Essential Oil Recipe & Free Printable}

Do you have a little one that has nightmares? Worries about monsters in their closet or under the bed?

Nighttime can be a scary time for a little one (especially as Halloween draws near and scary sights are everywhere)! But it doesn't have to be, thanks to Monsters Away Monster Spray!

Not only does this super fun DIY Spray give your little one's a visual aid of you keeping the monsters away, but unlike some monster sprays that just contain water, this one actually features essential oils that are great for calming and helping your little ones rest easy! It's a win/win!

Want to make you own? Here's what you'll do:

Monsters Away Essential Oil Spray


  • Small Spray Bottle
  • Water
  • Calming Oils of Choice

  1. First of all, choose your oils. There are many great varieties to choose from that are great for calming and/or confidence. You can use a premade blend such as Stress Away, Peace and Calming or Valor (Young Living), Serenity (DoTerra) or Nighty Night or Sweet Dreams (Plant Therapy KidSafe). These are all great blends with no guesswork required. I personally love creating my own blends. Oils like lavender, chamomile roman, vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli, clary sage and orange are all great for calming and anxiety. All oils work differently for everyone, so when you create your own blends you can play around to find what works best for you and your family.
  2. Now that you've chosen your oils, it's time to make your spray! Start by filling your spray bottle with water.
  3. Now, add several drops of oil to your liking. Shake well.
  4. Label your bottle. You can keep it simple with a permanent marker, make your own label, or print this free printable I created!

  5. Shake well before each use, and spray around your child's room where monsters tend to lurk.
What other tricks do you have for helping kids sleep well and worry less?


  1. SUCH a cute idea!! I would probably X out the patchouli as its not one of my favorites but we love lavendar!! I love how it eases their nerves and uses essential oils to relax them as well!! So awesome!

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