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Easy DIY Father's Day Frames {#FCBlogger #KidCraft}

**A huge thanks to Family Christian for sponsoring today's craft! All thoughts are my own.

In my house growing up, we learned that one of the greatest gifts you could ever give someone you love is a photo. That's pretty simple, right? It doesn't take a lot of money, but it's something to show those you love how much they mean to you, and share precious memories. It is for this reason that photos are still a frequent gift in my home for birthdays and holidays.

This Father's Day, I decided to treat my husband with a few special photos as well...and to make it even more fun, the kids and I set out to create some super fun frames to display them in. Today, I'm sharing how you too can create your own:


  • Unfinished Wood Photo Frames
  • Paint
  • Wooden Shapes/Letters/Decorating Supplies of Choice
  • Glue

  1. First up, decide on your design. Pick something that reflects dad's interests. We went with a few of my husband's favorite things- baseball and superheroes. Other options could be fishing, hunting, cars, etc. You can use prepainted wood shapes found at craft stores to keep it simple, allow your little one's to paint to fit the themes themselves or use fun craft supplies like stickers or Perler beads. (If using Perler beads, create those designs first.)
  2. Now that you've chosen your design, it's time to get painting! Start with your base color. Allow to dry.
  3. Start decorating! Glue on your premade shapes, add stickers, paint on designs... let your little ones customize the perfect frame! Using fingerprints is a great way to give it an extra personal touch, which is just what we did with our baseball frame!! Remember, they don't have to be perfect for Dad to love them!
  4. Insert picture, and you're done!

These frames are super simple and very inexpensive (just a few dollars each), but if you're on a more limited budget, or are creating with a large group like a Sunday School class, you can create these fun themed Father's Day frames out of large craft sticks! Simply create the frame from four sticks, and decorate as usual!

For more great Father's Day gift ideas, be sure to check out the Father's Day Sale going on right now at Family Christian! A selection of Father's Day gifts are 50% off!! Awesome!

Also be sure to check out this board for more fun crafts!

Follow Family Christian's board Classroom Ideas on Pinterest.

Will you be making the special dad in your life one of these fun frames? What theme will you go with?


  1. Great idea! They turned out looking really good. I bet alot of Moms would like these too!

  2. Such cute ideas!! I love anything that my son can make!! Not only does it save us some cash but it also preserves the memory of that age forever!! Thank for the great ideas! I think we'll do this this year :)

  3. These are the cutest crafts! I fully believe that the best gifts from children are things they've made themselves. Thank-you for the fun & easy ideas. :)

  4. We just had some great pictures taken of the kids, and this idea is perfect for them each to give a photo to my husband for Father's Day. How cute!

  5. Such a great and easy gift idea. Thanks for sharing

  6. I need to quickly make one of these for our son to give to my husband.

  7. I love crafting, and never tried making my own frames - I've seen the supplies at the fabric store. These are so nice, I want to try it!!!

  8. This is great because it can be done for birthdays too! Such a fun idea for kids! Thanks for sharing.

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