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Beautiful Simplicity: My Willow Tree Story {+ Family Christian Gift Guide #FathersDay #Graduation #FCBlogger}

"It's going to get worse before it gets better."

These were the words I was told in the early stages of my son's autism diagnosis and our journey into the world of autism therapies.... and boy, were those words true! Meltdowns, aggression, tears... you name it, we faced it in those first few years. It was a very difficult time for me as a mother, but the worst part of it all was not the behaviors or the therapies. No, the worst part was the uncertainty. You see, I had not yet developed the support system I now have, I didn't know what was in my son's future or how it all would work out. Like I said, it was a tough time.

But one little figure helped to remind me that things would get better if I didn't give up. As I was shopping, I discovered an adorable Willow Tree figurine called Hope. It featured a little boy- about the size of my son at the time- carrying a balloon that simply said, 'hope'. This little figure reminded me so much of my little boy and I could not help but feel as though a weight had been lifted. What a reminder that little figure served to remind to keep on fighting.

Isn't it amazing how one little figure can mean so much? How a simple design can touch your heart in a way that is just what you need, just when you need it. That is- in my opinion- the beauty of Willow Tree.

Let's take that same figure for example again. When I look at it, I am reminded that a diagnosis of autism is not hopeless... someone else might look at it and see something completely different. Perhaps it represents hope after a loss, hope for the future, or perhaps they just thought it was pretty. With their simple designs they beautifully depict all of life's important moments leaving enough room for interpretation by all who view them. There are figures celebrating love- ideal for weddings or anniversaries. There are figures celebrating motherhood- perfect for moms, young and old. There are figures celebrating it all.

Let's take a look at two big events going on now/happening soon: graduation and Father's Day.

Graduation is such an import moment in every one's life. It is the end of the life we have grown accustomed to and a journey into the real world. It is exciting, hopeful and quite honestly, terrifying. The following figures can serve as a beautiful long lasting reminder of this amazing time:

Prayer of Peace // Soar // Wisdom

Perhaps when you think of Willow Tree, you tend to associate them with women. Honestly, I usually do too... BUT there are actually many great figures celebrating the relationship between a father and his children. Take a look:

We Are Three // New Life // New Dad

From graduation to Father's Day and everything in between, there truly is a figure for everyone. You can find all of these great Willow Tree figures and many more at Family Christian.

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Do you have a Willow Tree story? Will you be gifting a Willow Tree figure to the graduate or father in your life this year?


  1. They are truly beautiful!! I love that they capture such precious life moments!! The price tag is not my favorite ;)

  2. I love the Willow Tree collection, they are so simple yet so meaningful and lovingly made. I'm so glad to read there was a figure that reminded you of your boy!

  3. This is really sweet. My brother has autism and I have seen hiw hard it can be at times.

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