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From Messes To Miracles: A More Book Review & Blog Tour { @TammieHead @BHPub }

Do you ever feel like you just need more...something?

You think perhaps if I just had more stuff, it would be enough. So you shop until you drop...but it's still not enough.

You think you need a more active social life, so you jump into every activity you can fit into your schedule...but its still not enough.

You think maybe I need more religion, so you throw yourself into church work...but its still not enough.

We do everything in our power to fill that void, yet it remains empty. We still need MORE. What is this more that we seek? Are we just impossible to please? Are we destined to go through life unfulfilled?  It is these questions that Tammie Head delves into in her new book, More:

People everywhere are looking for something more. Churched and non-churched alike. They're in the grocery store aisle behind you, in the nail chair beside you, singing praise songs in front of you, and perhaps in the mirror staring back at you. People feel messy; plagued by looming feelings of ineffectiveness, indifference, depression, and purposelessness. 

Does this sound like you? 

Perhaps you keep wishing your life were better than what you are currently experiencing now. What if more of God is actually what's missing from your life? Do you encounter the freedom God brings each day? Whether it's a messy life or a messy problem in your life, it can become a walking miracle when we see God anew and wholly surrender to Him. 

You were made for more than surviving. Old stale religion never satisfies. Neither do the solutions the world has to offer. What all of us need is an encounter with God that reveals truth and sets our hearts ablaze. 

Tammie has seen this in her own life as well as in countless lives around her. Join her in More for a picture of how you can move from a life marked by messes to one that is truly miraculous.

To be honest, when writing a book review such as this- I can usually have a fairly good idea around halfway through on where I want to start my review. But this one? There is so much I want to say that as I sit here writing, I still have no idea where to begin.

First and foremost, what stuck out to me was the sheer honestly displayed in this book. Not only did Tammie admit that her journey with God began in a strip club, she shares how even after years of being a Christian, she has had those moments where she had her doubts, where her faith wasn't as strong as it could have been. Whoah. Let's be honest this is a huge problem in many churches. We think that to be a good Christian, we have to be perfect. We have to have our lives together, fit the model of what we think a Christian looks like. We cannot have doubts, we cannot have spiritual struggles, we cannot be messy! And if we do and if we are, we can feel as though we are not welcome. With all this pressure to fit into a human made mold of what a Christian looks like... it's easy to see why we can so easily forget what being a Christian TRULY means. Being a Christian means having a relationship with God. God doesn't ask us to be perfect...He know that we cannot be. He wants us to come to Him, just as we are. He wants to make miracles from our messes. He wants us to let Him in. Even in our brokenness, He wants to be in our lives. 

THIS is the message Tammie Head gives to us in More...and what an amazing message it is. When we're looking for approval from others rather than truly, totally giving ourselves over to God... is it any wonder that we still feel unfulfilled?

If you are on the search for that something more in your life, this is a must read.

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  1. This is definitely going on my must read list!! I am definitely a more person... the feeling of always wanting and needing more is awful!! I need to read this! Im pinning it for later :)

  2. Looks like a great book and the quotes would make great printables.


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