Disappearing 'Sin': An Easter Science Experiment #FCBlogger

**A huge thanks to Family Christian for sponsoring today's experiment. Our love of science is all our own.

When it comes to holidays, Christmas may get all the hoopla (and admittedly, I like to go all out myself!), but when it comes to importance, it's all about Easter. Honestly, why would we even celebrate Christmas if not for Easter? This is the day to celebrate that sacrifice that Jesus made upon that cross. It is a celebration of what I believe is the single most important event in all of history. It's THAT important.

But as a kid? I didn't get that. Oh sure, I knew why we celebrated. I knew that Jesus died on the cross and rose again three days later. I knew that he saved us from our sins...but what did that mean? What was sin, and what did it have to do with me? In my childlike mind, these concepts were just a bit too far out of reach. (To be honest, it's such an amazing sacrifice that even as an adult it's a lot to wrap your mind around.) I could hear the story time and time again, but like many kids, I needed a visual.

So this year, to teach my son about Easter, we decided to do a little science. This fantastic experiment is the perfect visual aid to show just what Jesus did for us upon the cross.

Here are the super simple steps to join in at home.


  1. Pour water into each container. (If you have a science loving kid like I do- these fun beakers can be a great investment. They can be found in the VBS section at Family Christian!)
  2. Give your child a bottle of food coloring and explain to them how these colors represent sin. Share how each of us is a sinner and give them age appropriate examples of sin- telling a lie, hitting their sibling, not listening to mommy, etc. You could have them add one drop for each sin, but for the easily embarrassed child, just having them add several drops might be a good idea.

  3. Share the story of Easter- how Jesus died on the cross so that our sins would be forgiven. Explain that the bleach represents Jesus. Carefully, pour a small amount into the food coloring mixture. (For younger children, have an adult do this part. Premeasure a small amount to make this easier.) 
  4. As the color disappears, explain that just as the bleach was added and took away the coloring from the water, Jesus came to earth to take the sin away from each of us!

    (A few hints: When I'd done this experiment in the past, the color disappeared almost immediately. Our first go round, the color barely faded, no matter how much bleach was added. I believe this was due to my little guy going a little food coloring crazy, but may have been that I didn't grab plain ol' bleach by mistake. We found for the best results, bottled water and fewer drops worked best.)
Sounds pretty easy, right? Not only is this a great visual lesson, but it's also a ton of fun! My little guy just LOVES science and using it to teach him about Jesus is a win/win. This is an ideal lesson for teaching your kids about Jesus at home...or in Sunday school too!

For more science fun, be sure to check out all the wonderful science experiment kits available at Family Christian.

And check out this fantastic Pinterest board for more Easter inspiration:

Follow Family Christian's board Easter on Pinterest.

Do you have any fun science experiments you use to teach your children about Jesus? I'd love to hear them!


  1. What a neat experiment! Great way for the kids to learn about Jesus and have fun at the same time. My little ones love science experiments!

  2. That is such a neat idea I will have to remember this for the grands as they get older

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  4. I love this experiment! It really gives the smaller children a great visual of our sins being washed away. I'll have to check out the vbs section I go to Family Christian.

  5. This is a really cute idea. Such an easy way to teach our kids about Jesus. I think it is a great idea for Easter and all year round.

  6. Love this idea! and gonna have ti get me some of those beakers!

  7. Love this and cannot wait to get those beakers for Memaw's House

  8. Love this and cannot wait to get those beakers for Memaw's House

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  11. I love this experiment! It really gives the smaller children a great visual of our sins being washed away. I'll have to check out the vbs section I go to Family Christian.
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