Friday, February 20, 2015

Finley Grace, 18 Months.

A year and half!? How is this possible? That's the question I ask myself daily. It seems as if we just brought her home, and here we are inching closer and closer to her second birthday! Wow!

Every day it seems like Miss Finley learns something new...and I'm left feeling like my child must be an absolute genius. (But then, every mother feels that way right?) Here's a brief look at what Miss Finley has been up to this month.

  • Finley is still wearing 2T clothes...though she seems to be getting a bit taller, as I've noticed her nightgowns are starting to get shorter!
  • Most of her teeth are in, with the exception of her 'fangs'...the two top are working their way through slowly as we speak!
  • She has recently fallen in love with applesauce... it might not have reached the level of favorite (like black beans or gluten free pasta) but its inching its way up.
  • She loves anything Minnie Mouse, princesses or Veggie Tales!
  • Her favorite toys are her play kitchen and her baby dolls! She also loves dressing up as a princess! (We really need to start building up a dress up trunk!)

  • She loves to sing! Her top choices are the opening to Frozen, Let It Go or the Veggie Tales theme song. She's actually surprisingly great at singing in tune and 'matching' pitches as well.
  • Her speech has continuously improved! Every day she's adding new words to her vocabulary! I honestly couldn't give you a number at this point because it seems she'll at least repeat just about anything! Some fun words worth noting: Bible (which is said anytime she sees any 'What's in the Bible' books or DVDs, Aurora (a-wa-wa), princess, hat, dog, Bob, Larry, Veggie, pizza (pit-zee), bus, eww, high five (high butt, as she says it), book (also sounding like 'butt'), outside, snow, Xbox, tv, dipey, apple, computer (pew), Minnie, Disney, glasses, shoes, pants, socks...the list goes on! It's fascinating to her...especially with having a big brother who was very speech delayed! I love listening to her go!

Each day is a new adventure, and now as we turn the corner and edge closer to the big 2, I look forward to seeing what the coming months will bring!


  1. So glad to see that Bible is in her vocabulary. Keep it up mom :)

  2. I love that age, it's so fun to watch them learn and expand their vocabulary!

  3. So cute! Such a great age. And I love that one of her words is Aurora. She's my favorite Disney princess. :)

  4. How cute! I love that age. I think it is adorable that she sings. I love it!

  5. It is amazing how fast they grow and learn. It is such a special time. :)


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