Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Celebrate Veggie Tale's Noah's Ark with a Kids Craft & Free Printable

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Can I make a confession?

My kids aren't the only ones who love Veggie Tales in our household...I love them too! Perhaps just as much as the kiddos! Needless to say, when a new DVD comes out, we are beyond thrilled! So, for the upcoming release of Noah's Ark, we wanted to do something extra special to celebrate! So we came up with a fun little craft and special goodie bag printable just for the occasion!!

Want to join in on the celebration? Here's what you'll do!

Rainbow Tissue Craft.

As a child, I remember loving to make these super simple tissue crafts. So, to go with the story of Noah's Ark, we decided a rainbow design was in order!

What You Need:

  • Small Squares of Tissue Paper (We used this wonderful Tissue Art Kit, available in some Family Christian stores. Here's a similar alternative.)
  • Cardstock or Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
What You'll Do:

  1. Cut tissue paper. If your tissue paper isn't precut, you'll want to start there! Cut into small need to be perfect, these will be crumpled anyway!
  2. Draw/print an outline (optional). If you'd like, create a rainbow outline for your little one to start with. You can do this by hand or print one...or just let them freestyle it!
  3. Glue squares. Apply a small dab of glue to the bottom of each wad and apply to your cardstock, Keep gluing until your rainbow is complete.
  4. Once the rainbow is finished, you can use your imagination to finish your picture! Use construction paper to cut waves and the ark. Use markers to draw the scene. Add a fun phrase from the story, such as 'God Keeps His Promises'. (Today we're focusing on Noah's Ark, but you could also turn this into a St. Patrick's day craft and add in a pot of gold or shamrocks!)
  5. Back with construction paper (optional). Your tissue art can be finished as is, but I personally love adding a backing of construction paper to give it a more finished/framed look so your little ones/students can give as a gift! 

Now, we've done our craft! But we need a snack to go along with the movie too! So, what are the ideal snacks for a Noah's Ark movie showing? Why animal crackers and candy orange slices (to match their re-imagined orange slice ark), of course!

We picked up these super cute mini popcorn boxes for our treats, but treat bags are a great option as well. Enjoy this fun printable. Attach to your treat bags with ribbon or use glue stick to apply to treat boxes!

Well, we're ready for the about you? And the great part is...these are suitable for ANY Noah's Ark lesson...not just the Veggie version! For more creative Christian crafts, be sure to check out Family Christian on Pinterest below:

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And don't forget to preorder your copy of Noah's Ark now! You can get it for just $12.97 AND receive the Rack, Shack and Benny DVD for free!! You can read more about the movie in my review here!

Do you love Veggie Tales? What fun ideas do you have to celebrate the release?


  1. I just pre-ordered this new Veggietales movie this week! We love Veggietales. Thanks for sharing this fun printable and craft idea!

  2. Cute idea! This would be great for a snow day.

  3. Superb! We are just in love with this post!

  4. Love the idea - and what I love even more is little man's messy face hehe.

  5. This is fantastic! Looks like a great project! Thank you for sharing :)

  6. I love VeggieTales, and I am so excited about this movie! This is such a cute craft. I think we will have to try this!

  7. I just love this! We will be doing this next week.

  8. So fun, my kids love crafts with tissue and this is a great way to incorporate it with the theme!

  9. What a fun project. I love that it teaches so many things too! And of course works on that fine motor


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