Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finley Grace, 14 Months.

As much as I try to fool myself out of believing that Miss Finley is no longer an infant but a toddler, reality is sinking in more and more as she continues to learn and grow each and every day. At 14 months old, our girl has continued to entertain and amaze us at how quickly she is learning. Here's a look at where she's at this month:

  • We'd moved her into 24 month clothes a bit early last month (to avoid buying more fall clothes that she would outgrow before then end of the season), and this month has certainly proved that was a good plan she has started to outgrow some of the 18 months she had left! So, I think it's safe tto say she's officially more in 24 months/2T clothing now! Whoah!
  • Her vocabulary is expanding all the time. Granted many words sound the same at this point, the intention is clear. For example, 'mimi' is typically milk...but could also mean Minnie Mouse at times, when said while holding, pointing to or wearing Minnie! 'Nini' means nose and is generally accompanied with a finger on or in her nose...not to be confused with 'nana' which means Anna or 'nananana' which means Frozen (from the opening song). 'Bebe' when pointing to a tummy means belly/belly button or baby when playing dolls. Mama, dada and bubba have now become mommy, daddy and bubby, though she used both phrases. She says 'hi' and 'bye'. Perhaps my favorite of her new words is 'dini', which means Disney. Adorable.
  • She loves singing along to Frozen songs (generally meaning 'nananana' to the general tune of each song, though there are points in some songs where she's a little more accurate- such as the 'tick toc' in Do You Want to Build A Snowman?. 
  • In addition to the 6 teeth she already had, she has two more making their way through. She has also recently discovered the art of taking off her teething necklace. The combination of the two has been quite interesting, to say the least.
  • She has become quite the little climber! If there is a way to climb something, she WILL find it. 
  • She loves all things pretty and girly- princesses, sparkles, shoes, jewelry, name it! We like to give her options for clothing and have found she almost always gravitates towards the most frilly option (unless it features a Disney character, of course!).
  • Did I mention Disney? She LOVES it! Of course Frozen is #1, but she loves Princesses in general, as well as Minnie Mouse and The Muppets.
  • She also really enjoys Veggie Tales and Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • She loves shoes. I know I've said this already, but it's worth mentioning twice. She likes putting people's shows on them, wearing her own shoes and even putting things in shoes. You have to watch your boots around here lately. 
  • Her favorite game is 'Where'd Finnie Go?'...her version of peeek-a-boo, covering her face with whatever is handy. He also loves doing the motions for itsy bitsy spider and pat-a-cake. 
  • She also loves looking at books. Her favorites are of course her Frozen books, but she'll 'read' anything...from instruction manuals to Bubby's Captain Underpants.
  • She loves food. Her favorites are still probably black beans- she goes CRAZY for them! Adorable. She also loves munching on carrots and apples. Guacamole is a huge hit as well. Unfortunately, she cannot eat anything with wheat/gluten as it makes her eczema horrible. No fun!
Overall, Miss Finley is the happiest, sweetest little girl we could ever ask for. I so love watching her develop her own interests (and love even more how drawn she naturally is to all things girly) and her sweet, loving personality develop as well. She's growing much to quickly but I cannot wait to see what she learns next!


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