Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Gift for the Little Gamer: Petz Beach 3DS Game Review { #PetzBeach #CleverGirls #sp}

When it comes to my son's holiday list this year, he is all about the video games! Like many boys (and girls) his age, he would play all day if given the opportunity. So as a mom, I am always on the lookout for kid-friendly game options...something that I can feel comfortable with my son playing- no violence, language, etc. One such game option is Petz Beach for the Nintendo 3DS.

This popular franchise has sold over 23 million copies worldwide and is back and better than ever just in time for the holidays! Players can embark on the ultimate adventure with Petz Beach- caring for animals and completing quests to expand their village and connect. Sounds pretty great, right? I thought so too, and was thrilled to receive a copy for my son to try out for himself. Let's take a look a what makes the game so great:

Tons of Variety. Petz Beach offers a wide variety of playing options. From dogs and cats to dolphins and whales, there are plenty of animals to choose from- more than 50 as a matter of fact! Every child will find an adventure to suit their tastes, The game environment changes with each season so they can have fresh adventures all year long. With all the variety, it certainly keeps kids short attention
spans going and keeps the game from getting boring!

The Game Expands. The more you play, explore and meet new friends, the more the game grows. When you help those new friends, the game expands further. If the variety didn't keep the game interesting, this certainly will!

It's educational.Video games and educational are not terms usually found in the same statement, are they? But this game certainly is both. Petz Beach has actually partnered with Encyclopedia Britannica  so not only will kids have fun taking care of their pets and completing their mission, but they will actually learn real facts about animals, plants and insects. I must say this is perhaps my favorite part of the game. My son has actually been very into animal science lately as well, so this is great for him.

It's FUN! Of course, for the kids, this is the most important factor isn't it? My son enjoyed exploring the island. I'm not much of a video game player myself, but found the game to be super cute and appropriate for kids of all ages. The game is a little slower moving (less action packed) than some other games on the market, but I think that's actually a great thing, and a welcome change in my son's game collection...and one he didn't seem to mind.

Overall, this is a fantastic game for kids and one your child will sure to have hours of fun playing. It's perfect for both the video game addicts like my son, or those who are more casual gamers as well. It is certainly a great addition to the holiday list for the little gamer in your life. And if you think they'll love this one, be sure to check out Petz Countryside- the same great adventure with a whole new environment. You can learn more and purchase at Amazon.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. My daughter loves that came. It is so fun. I would love to have one for our grandkids.


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