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Why Do YOU Cloth Diaper? (+ 5 Surprising Reasons to Fall in Love With Cloth)

Why do YOU cloth diaper?

Is it to save money? To keep harsh chemicals away from your baby? Reduce waste in the landfills? Or perhaps you just like the way cloth looks over disposable? Or even feel like that's what you're 'supposed' to do?

For me, it was a combination of factors that weighed into my decision to use cloth. I loved that it was better for baby and the environment...and yes, even that they were cute. But the number one deciding factor for us was the cost. When we decided to add onto our family, we knew that as a single income military family we would have to watch our budget carefully in order to make it work. Cloth diapering was one easy way that we knew we could save a ton of money. Sure the initial investment was steep, but at 11 months old we've paid just around $200 to diaper our girl...well worth the cost!

Regardless of why you started to cloth diaper, most of us find MANY more reasons to love it as we go. In fact, some of us might even become a little bit addicted! (It's hard not to become addicted when there are so many adorable options, right?) Want to know some surprising reasons I've found to love cloth more? Check out my post here at the Smarti Pants blog!!

Why did you choose to use cloth? Have there been any surprising reasons you've fallen even more in love? I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. The cost-saving is the biggest factor for me! But I also love feeling less wasteful and not having to worry someday about running out to grab more disposable ones in an emergency!

  2. For us, it was the harsh chemicals. My daughter had a severe reaction to disposable diapers, and it took us months to figure out what had gone wrong. 2 days after switching to cloth, the rash she had suffered with for 6 weeks was gone! We made the switch full time and never looked back. My son is 2 1/2 now and only wears diapers at night. Never had a disposable diaper on. (I hid them in the cabinet in the delivery room!) I was terrified he'd have the same reaction.


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