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Wake Up & Get Back to School with NESTLE for Breakfast {#MyGoodLife #shop #CollectiveBias}

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Ah, back to school time. New clothes, fun school supplies, new friends...back to school can be a super exciting time. But it's not ALL exciting. Back to school also means no more sleeping in! For the kids, or for mommy! And I'll be honest, this mommy is NOT a morning person. Quite frankly, I'm lucky to remember to make sure my child leaves the house fully dressed! Getting up, dressed AND preparing a big fancy breakfast for the two of us? Uh-uh...NOT happening! So, I headed over to my local Walmart to grab a few items for the perfect early morning, back to school pick me up!

Before I do anything else in the morning, I need to WAKE UP. Like I said, I am NOT a morning person.
So I need something to wake me up, and I need it quick! What better way to wake up then with a nice hot cup of coffee!?
But again, I'm lucky to remember pants...working the coffee machine in my state of sleep deprivation? That's just a bad cup of coffee waiting to happen. Besides, who has time for that? For the Nescafe Taster's Choice instant coffee is ideal. I get that great coffee taste I need, and I get it FAST! And of course I can't forget the Coffee-mate creamers to take it to the next level. Most mornings I'm a Classic Vanilla kinda girl...but if I'm looking for a little extra umph, the Caramel Macchiato makes the perfect morning treat!
Now that I've gotten myself woken up, it's time to feed the boy! Sure, I might be more awake now, but our time is still limited, so I still need something fast. A bowl of cereal? Eh, that gets old really fast. Instead, I want a warm breakfast that will fill him up and keep him focused during the day ahead. Stouffer's Morning Classics are perfect...they have the classic morning breakfast varieties everyone loves...but without taking the time! He seems to think they are pretty delicious as well.

Back to school is such a busy time, and unfortunately, means less time with our kiddos. So, why would we not make the most of our time that we DO have with them? With these great breakfast treats, we can share a wonderful meal each morning. It's ready in minutes, so there's no worry about wasting our moments over the stove, instead we can spend them around the table. I can take that time to remind him each and every morning how absolutely awesome he is and encourage him to go to school and be GREAT. When he is grown and old and he looks back on our early mornings before school, he's not going to remember how much time I spent on each meal. He's going to remember the conversations, the hugs, the MOMENTS we shared. Isn't that what motherhood is truly all about? Want to see some more ways to share flavorful moments with your loved one? Visit this site for fun ideas from more wonderful bloggers! How do you make time each morning to share special moments with your family? Do you enjoy a warm breakfast? Early morning snuggles before getting out of bed? How can Nestle and Stouffer's make your mornings even better?


  1. I just love Nestle! Especially their chocolate!!!

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