Monday, July 21, 2014

The Taste of Childhood: Making Summer Memories with Juicy Fruit {#JuicyFruitFunSide #shop #cbias}

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Isn't it amazing how each of our senses can seemingly transport us back in time- hearing a familiar song, a scent from days past, or even a classic taste. When I was a child, there was nothing better in the world than chewing gum. Sounds so simple and unexciting, right? But it's absolutely true. There was something about chewing gum that is just the best for kids! I remember each week in church, one of the fellow church goers would give my sisters and I each a stick of gum. It was something we looked forward to each week. I remember using whatever little change I could find in the couch to buy my own pack- an inexpensive and delicious treat. I remember sitting outside, reading my book- chewing gum and popping bubbles. Even then, one of my absolute favorite flavors was Juicy Fruit. I loved it. The problem? I loved blowing bubbles, and it just wasn't ideal for that. So, I was thrilled when I went to my local Walmart and discovered the newest products available from Juicy Fruit- Fruity Chews and BUBBLEGUM!!!!

That's right, it's the same great flavor that I enjoyed as a child, but in a form that's actually MADE for blowing bubbles. (They also offer a fun strawberry flavor, if that's more your cup of tea, but I'm a classic kinda girl!) Now, I may be an adult now, but I still enjoying blowing bubbles from time to time myself. More importantly, I've passed on that love of gum to my son too! He's constantly asking for bubblegum, and working on mastering the art of bubble blowing...a talent he has not yet developed, but one that I hope to share with and teach him before the summer's end.

(Note: After the writing of this post, Shaun DID figure out how to blow a bubble...he's unstoppable now!)
In many ways, my son's summers will be much different than those of my own childhood. I grew up in the country where our only form of entertainment was playing in the creek. My son is growing up in the city with ample opportunities for fun activities. I grew up without video games at home. My son LOVES his game consoles...all 5 6 7...oh I've lost count already! I preferred quiet activities like reading books or writing on the porch swing. My son is all about anything active- he's always moving! Despite how different our summer experiences might be, I love that we have this simple activity that we can share. My hope for my son is that one day when he is an adult, he can chew a piece of Juicy Fruit gum, and like me have that never changing flavor transport him back to these days of carefree childhood and the memories we created together.

Want to learn more this great new bubblegum from Juicy Fruit and start creating your own summer gum memories? Be sure to check out the live product demos coming to Walmart stores across the country very soon. Demos will take place on July 25-27 from 11 am-4 pm and again on August 1-3 from 11 am- 4 pm (Fri. & Sat.) and 1 pm- 6 pm (Sun.).
Do YOU have childhood memories of chewing gum? Or how might you create fun summer memories featuring Juicy Fruit Bubblegum? As always, I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts!


  1. When I was a kid my Granny always gave me Juicy Fruit gum! To this day the taste takes me back!

  2. Oh man, I totally remember my grandma carrying a pack of Juicy Fruit with her in her purse. Thanks for the memories! #client

  3. I feel this way about the old Zebra Stripes gum! I found a package at a Dollar Tree recently and was happy to see that their ingredients haven't changed and don't contain aspartame. :)


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