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A Salute to Military Heroes with Coffee-Mate {#CMSalutingHeroes #shop #CollectiveBias}

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The warm weather has arrived and with it everything that we have come to expect in an All-American summer: burgers and hot dogs on the grill, fresh squeezed lemonade, homemade ice cream, swimming pools, red wagons, barbecue parties, and so much more. For many it is also a time when we let our American pride shine brightest, and seek out ways to show our patriotism and support for the real American heroes- the U.S. Military. Nestle Coffee-Mate is doing their part in honoring military heroes in their partnership with a fabulous organization Operation Homefront.

You can learn more about this partnership by clicking here.

I am lucky enough to share coffee moments often with my hero. From cups of coffee shared from a long distance Skype call to laughs around the breakfast table- I am blessed to have married my hero, one of the few and the proud. In my husband's eleven years in the Marine Corps, he has deployed four times-serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He has traveled the world, experienced things most of us could not imagine and put his life on the line. He has missed birthdays, holidays and milestones in the lives of our children. He has made many sacrifices not only to provide for our family, but to serve our country. He is a good man and a good Marine, and I could not be more proud of him. I hope I never fail to show him just how much that means to me in those little moments every day, like sharing a cup of coffee or serving him a large country breakfast just the way he likes.
But you don't have to be married to a service member to show your appreciation or even know one personally...chances are you won't have to look very far to find some of the hardest working men and women in the U.S. Military. They can often be found right in your own community at the local recruiting office.

Two years ago, we made the big move from California to Indiana when my husband was assigned to recruiting duty. If you are a military wife or service member yourself, chances are you've heard the horror stories of recruiting. Let me just say, many-if not most- are true. Many find recruiting to be just as stressful as deployments and being shot at on a daily basis. These guys (and girls) work their butts off- long nights and often weekends- trying to make their mission. These are the guys responsible for finding the future of our military- interviewing potential applicants, talking with worried parents...it is not an easy job. Sometimes I feel like we saw my husband less while he was a recruiter than when he was deployed. If mission wasn't made, he was basically home to sleep. Truly, if there is anyone who deserves a coffee break, it's the recruiters! If you are looking for a great way to personally show your pride and support for the military, why not head down to your local recruiting office and treat your recruiters with a nice warm cup of coffee and donuts? Let them know that their hard work does not go unnoticed and that we appreciate all that they do each and every day. It is such a small gesture but can truly mean so much.
Of course, with Coffee-mate's partnership with Operation Homefront, you don't have to share your coffee moment with a service member to honor them each morning. Operation Homefront is an amazing organization that truly does a lot of great things for the troops AND their families. As a military wife, it is an organization that I proudly stand by and support. Just head to your local Walmart from Memorial Day to Independence Day and look for the red, white and blue bottles (available in French Vanilla and Hazelnut liquid and original powdered creamer). You'll enjoy the great tasting Coffee-mate flavors you already love, and help make the difference in the life of a real American hero at the same time!

Looking for more ways to share flavorful moments with your morning coffee and throughout the day? Visit this link for wonderful recipe ideas perfect for summer!

What have YOU done to show your love and support to a service member or their family? A heartfelt thank you? A simple cup of coffee? I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. A big thanks to your husband and your family for his service, he is a true hero! My brother is my hero, as he is in the Marine Corp as well. I try to show my appreciation as much as possible. #client


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