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Calm Down with Fun & Function {A Pressure Vest Review}

**Product received for review.

"Is he excited or is he always this way?"

This is a question we get about our son Shaun often. You see, Shaun was diagnosed with Autism at age two, and is very, very hyper! He also has a lot of sensory issues that can cause him to get overwhelmed easily...especially in a crowd. Sometimes this results in him being even more hyper, and other times it results in sensory overload leading to horrible meltdowns. It had been suggested by a teacher in the past that medication might be in order. This is something my husband and I both felt very strongly against. Don't get me wrong, medication is great for those who truly need it to function and thrive, but for Shaun we had seen him thrive in classroom settings in the past and knew it was not necessary for him. Instead we choose to look for other non-medication calming techniques. For Shaun, that means a lot of sensory tools. We use chewy tubes for oral sensory input, noise cancelling headphones for crowded noisy areas...even sensory breaks with things like a trampoline or spinny toys to help burn off the excess energy. Perhaps one of the greatest calming tools we have found for him is a pressure vest.

So, what is a pressure vest?

A pressure vest is a vest that a child can wear that hugs their body in a calming fashion. As my son puts it, it feels like a big hug. For children who have autism or other sensory troubles, this can help them to stay calm and focused by helping them to filter out sensory information that can otherwise be overwhelming. They are similar to the effects of a weighted vest for some kids, but whereas weighted vests can only be worn for 20 minutes at a time, the pressure vest (though still recommended at 20 minute intervals) CAN be worn all day long if desired.

Having had used pressure vests in school, I knew this to be an effective calming tool for Shaun and went on the hunt for an affordable option for home. What I found was Fun & Function's Pressure Mesh Vest. Let's look at some of the highlights:

  • Affordability. Having a child with special needs can be quite expensive- therapies, special diets, therapy tools...it can add up quick. The Pressure Mesh Vest is quite reasonable at a price range of $31-$36 (depending on size needed). Compared to many other options, this is fantastic...and a great quality for the cost as well.
  • Adjustability. To be effective, a pressure vest needs to fit snug...and with growing kids, that can be hard to get just the right size. The hook and loop closures adjust easily to provide firm pressure on trunk and shoulders, and leave a lot of room for adjustment, which is great for growing kids! 
  • Breathable. If you have any experience with pressure or weighted vests, you know that they can be a bit bulky or thick. That's just fine for the winter months, but my son gets hot incredibly easy and needs something much more lightweight for the summer. The breathable mesh of this vest is perfect. It still gives that pressure he desires, but without the added heat.

  • Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the Pressure Mesh Vest and found it to be a great solution for my son. But as the saying goes, if you know one child with Autism, you know one child with Autism. Pressure vests may be a great solution for MY son, but perhaps aren't the solution for all...but with their wide variety of products, Fun & Function is sure to have just what you are looking for. They offer all types of sensory tools from weighted and pressure products, oral sensory products, swings, trampolines and more. But it's not just sensory needs they have covered but communication, education, social and so much more all at great prices. If you have a child with special needs of ANY kind, they are certainly worth checking into.

    Not sure what you're looking for? They're happy to help you find the perfect solution to fit your child's individual needs. As their website states, they don't want you to buy EVERY product they carry, but instead want to help find the solutions that work for YOUR child. Now, not every company can say that right? They also send gifts each month to organizations that lack the resources needed, and offer advice and support via their Facebook page. Truly, this is an AMAZING company and one that I am thrilled to share with all of you today.

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    Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Your experiences may vary. Please consult your child's doctors/therapists with questions regarding weighted/pressure products.


    1. I have to say I love your blog! We have 1 child, girl age 4, with sensory processing issues and seeing what you use with your son has been amazing. We have the chewy necklace and have been looking for something like this. We also use the noise cancelling headphones. Keep up the awesome work.


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