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April via Instagram

April was...an eventful month for us. The warm weather finally started to make it's arrival which meant lots of outside play for the kids, and breaking out the motorcycle for my husband. Unfortunately, that leads to one of the biggest things that happened last month- my husband wrecking said motorcycle. The good news is he walked away with merely a broken shoulder- much better than it could have been. For that we are very thankful. And our insurance covered all the damage as well. Still, it was a scary moment, and made for a very busy month. Here's a brief look...

April was Autism Awareness Month, and the kids dressed accordingly.
Shaun insisted on wearing his 'puzzle piece' shirt, even though it has certainly seen better days. It used to say 'Autistic Kids Rock'...and they DO!

My sweet boy picked me a flower. He's so enjoying the warmer weather!

A future gamer? Just like Daddy and Bubby?
Mommy is hoping not, but she looks like a natural!

Warm weather means cute dresses...and the cuteness is enough to kill you!

Mother and Daughter...do we look alike?

There is nothing I love more than snuggling with both of my babies...
I just need a bigger lap!

Finley is my little laundry helper...
I couldn't ask for anyone better...or cuter!!

We won this wonderful bounce house from IHeart-Motherhood, and Shaun LOVES it!
We are going to have so much fun with it this summer. We've never really had many outside toys (because frankly, we've never really had much of a yard!), which makes it even more exciting!

Finnie's too little for the bounce house, but she enjoys watching bubby with mommy!!

I recently fell in love with Bumgenius' print Piccadilly Circus...seriously, my favorite print!

Shaun loves his new suspenders...but he still doesn't love having his picture taken!

Post nursing cuddles are my favorite. So very sweet.


  1. What cutie pies! Thank you for sharing your pics with us.


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