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Another month has come and gone...and while I wish I could say with March came warm weather, unfortunately here in Indiana it was still mostly cold! We even had more snow over spring break. We have had a few warm days, and have taken full advantage of them when they came. Here's a brief look back at March via Instagram.

One of the big happenings last month was our new couch!!!
When my husband and I were married, we had absolutely nothing. He had been living a bachelor's life in the barracks, not saving a penny...and I was just out of high school. Seriously, nothing! So we went and bought the cheapest sofa set we could find. It last us over 7 years, despite having been moved several times, placed in storage, etc...but we had both hated it since about 5 years ago! What a relief it is to finally have something we like again. We love that we can all cuddle when we want, but have our space when we don't!

This is the face of a boy who is threatening to fart on you. He's ALL boy!

And this is the face of a girl who LOVES Frozen!

And this is the face of a boy who has just locked his mommy and sister outside!

Sweet nursing cuddles are my favorite!

This kids cracks me up...never a dull moment.

Just like Daddy.

Shaun and his friends! Such a sweet boy, isn't he?

We picked up this adorable hat on sale at Gymboree. Such the perfect spring/summer hat for our little princess! She could not look more precious!

This silly boy made Pikachu a ketchup sandwich! 

I love the look of adoration on Finley's face. She truly loves her big bubby!!

Mom and Fin

Enjoying the sunshine when we can!

Foods, foods, foods...carrots and sweet potatoes...yum!

Shaun thought she needed to look like Baby Mario!! Adorable!!

While watching Tangled, Shaun decided he needed to brush my hair. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such a sweet boy!

Another Gymboree hat...this one is bubby's but he thought sis needed to wear it too!

My St Paddy's Day Beauty

I love nighttime cuddles with both of my kiddos...I only wish I had a bigger lap.

April is already off to a great (and mostly warmer) start! I cannot wait to see what the rest of the month has in store for us.


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