Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Finley Grace, 7 Months.

First of all, can I just take a moment to say that I cannot believe this sweet girl of mine could possibly be 7 months old already! It seems like she just came into our world yesterday! But the calender doesn't lie (it just goes much too quickly!). Here's a little bit about our princess this month:

  • According to our bathroom scale, Finley weighs right at 19 pounds!
  • She is currently still in 9 months/6-12 months clothing. There are a few pieces she's starting to outgrow, but will likely be in them a bit longer anyway!
  • She started eating solids one month ago. We are still making our way slowly through those first foods. So far her favorite seem to be homemade sweet potatoes or bananas. However, she can ONLY have organic bananas or she will break out!
  • She isn't exactly crawling yet...but she's certainly mobile. She has the low crawl (otherwise known as an army crawl- but we don't 'army' anything in this household!) down. She is all over the place and into everything!!
  • She has also really started babbling in the last week. She says 'mamama' and 'bububa'. Shaun doesn't know it's not intentional yet, so he comes running every time she calls his name. I will say though, even though I know it's too early, sometimes it does seem as though 'mama' is quite intentional. Possible or wishful thinking? 
  • She is not pulling herself into standing position, but is pulling up to her knees. Mommy is not ready for that. She can also just about get into a sitting position from laying down.
  • Her favorite toys are still her Sophia the First and Cinderella dolls. She also has this Playskool Rocktivity Arch that she got for Christmas that she's really starting to enjoy. Her favorite part is the little piano. 
  • She still loves music and being sung to. Her current favorites are songs from Frozen! Or Sophia the First.
  • No teeth yet, but she's working hard on them!
  • She's recently become obsessed with pulling mama's glasses off...and she seems quite proud of herself when she does it!
  • She still is not a huge fan of the carseat, but otherwise is a very content, happy baby.

Overall, we could not ask for a sweeter baby girl. 


  1. What an absolutely adorable little lady! Happy 7 months! My little guy will be 7 months next week!

  2. What an adorable little one, and she seems so happy! I love the month decals you picked and the leggings are perfect!


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