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Save Money & Give Back With Campus Book Rentals {#sponsored}

This is a sponsored post written by me for Campus Book Rentals.

Being a 20-something, I still have many, many friends working on their college degrees and so often I hear them complaining about the cost of book rentals. When they've shared with me the cost, I cannot help but wonder why on earth they cost so much...and let's be honest, for the most part when you finish the class you won't be using it again, right? Wouldn't it be great if you could just RENT the books you need for the time you need them then return them when you're done?

With Campus Book Rentals, you CAN! So what exactly is Campus Book Rentals and what are the benefits of using this service?

Campus Book Rentals is basically exactly as it sounds- a rental service that allows you to rent the books you need for classes and return them when you're done. Super easy! Students can save anywhere from 40-90% on their book fees...and as any 'poor college student' can tell you, that can make a huge difference. They also offer free shipping both ways for an even greater savings. The rental periods are very flexible, and if you decide to drop a class, they offer a risk free 21 day return policy. Books CAN be highlighted (though they ask to be respectful of future users), so if you're an in book note taker, you can still take advantage of the service. If you decide you'd like to keep the book around for future reference, you can still decide to buy it, just pay off the remaining value leftover after your rental fee. Sounds, pretty simple, right?

Perhaps you're reading this and thinking, "Man, I wish I knew about this BEFORE purchasing that bookshelf full of textbooks taking up space." Campus Book Rentals can still help you with their Rent Back program, allowing you to rent out those books you've already purchased to others. They do the grunt work, and you get paid each time your book is rented out. Couldn't we all use a little extra spending money? Here's a little video with more about that:

If that's not enough to convince you, I've saved the best part for last. Not only does Campus Book Rentals offer a great service for a great price, they also give back. For each book rented, they donate funds to Operation Smile! This is a wonderful organization that provides life changing reconstructive surgeries to children with cleft lip or palate. You can learn more about the wonderful work done by Operation Smile here.

So, to sum it up, you get a great deal on your textbooks AND help make the difference in the life of a child. To find out more and get started renting your books, check out the links below:

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  1. This is great i am planning on starting school again in the fall and remember how expensive textbooks are! love that it is free shipping both ways and they buy back your books!

  2. I wish this had been around when I was in college! This would have been great, especially for those books that I would never touch again after the class was over!


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