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Fashion for Mom Meets Function for Baby with Ruby Rebels {A Review}

**Product received for review.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I absolutely, positively LOVE statement necklaces. There is just something about a nice, chunky necklace that can turn a plain tee and jeans into a stylish outfit. But as any mom can tell you, big necklaces and babies do not mix... they always seem to go straight to the mouth. So when I discovered Ruby Rebels on Etsy, it was love at first sight. Ruby Rebels is a wonderful Etsy shop that features a variety of fun, fashionable nursing and teething statement necklaces that are perfect for both mom and baby...

For this review, I received the Black and White Chevron necklace, but this is only one of the many great style options available. All necklaces are super stylish and something I could see myself wearing with or without baby! It offers that great statement necklace look that I love, while still being safe and functional for baby! Each necklace is made with 100% cotton fabric and natural unfinished wood beads. They are 20 inches of fabric, plus 10 inches of ribbon so you can adjust to meet your preferred length. The wooden rings are finished with an organic beeswax- this gives them a nice shine without any harmful chemicals for baby. Each bead is double sewn for maximum safety and durability. Baby can play, pull and chew on it to their heart's content with no worries of it breaking off and them choking.

For moms, it's the fashion and safety features that make these necklaces wonderful, but in all honesty babies don't care about all that...they just want something fun to play with while nursing or being carried. And these necklaces provide just that- in fact my daughter lunged for it immediately after putting it on for the very first time. She typically loves her wooden teething rings, but at six months old has a tendency to drop them...often! She loved that when being worn, she could chew on this ring as much as she wanted without the worry of losing it. I found this to be extremely useful myself when we were out and about- no more worries about losing a favorite toy in the mall somewhere- it's always right there on me, providing teething relief on the go.

They aren't just great for teething either. Like many babies, my daughter likes to grab things while nursing...a shirt, necklace, anything she can get her hands on, which most often means my hair...ouch! For such little things, babies sure can pull hard can't they!? Ruby Rebels necklaces offer a great distraction away from things they should not be tugging on- making nursing a bit more pleasant for everyone involved. As a matter of fact, as I write this review, Miss Finley is nursing away, ring in hand!

Of course, there are many nursing and teething necklaces on the market, so why choose Ruby Rebels? For me, it all goes back to the style. They don't look cheesy, there are options to go with current styles and again just look like everyday jewelry-not overly baby-ish (this is particularly true if you go for an option without the wooden ring, though I personally find them to be a fun touch). The quality is also fantastic, and at a great price too- this particular necklace is only $16 but there are even cheaper options (and a few higher ones too). It's no secret that a cute statement necklace can get pretty price-y and those are there solely to look pretty. The double functionality of these make them an even better deal!

If you're a fashion loving mom who doesn't want to sacrifice her personal style for motherhood, Ruby Rebels is the place to go. You can see all of the wonderful styles available and connect at the links below:

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Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. The teething necklaces fascinate me, but they do make me worry that it will teach baby to chew on everyone's necklace.


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