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Guest Post by Shaun

hi im randi and shaun is on my PC
hes shaun and he has an Wii PlayStation 2 GameCube XBOX 360 Nintendo 64
his favorite game is super mario bros her sisters name is finley grase

This post was written by Shaun. He wanted to be a blogger too. Feel free to show him some comment love, I will be certain to pass them along!!


  1. Excellent first post, Shaun! You wrote very well and the details about you and your family were great. I hope we get to read more post from you, especially about you becoming the next computer genius. x Bri Wignall (Brianna Zoll)

  2. Wow! Great job, Shaun! You have lots of fun games to play. I am a 49 year old grandma, but when my 4 kids were still at home, I used to play all of their games on the Nintendo & Super Mario Bros were my favorite too! I always tried to go as fast as I could!


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