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Bye-Bye Bath Time Stress {A Blooming Bath Review}

**Product received for review.

If you had to choose your absolute least favorite part of caring for a newborn, what would it be? For many, I'm sure the answer would be changing diapers...for me, that's not the case. Of course I'm not a huge fan of diaper changing either, but for me the most dreaded task is bath time!! Water plus squirmy, slippery babies plus hard bath tubs...it just seems like an accident waiting to happen and always made this worried mommy super nervous! So, when I first saw the Blooming Bath very early in my pregnancy, I knew it was on my must have list...and I was super excited when the company sent me one to try out for myself!! For those unfamiliar with the Blooming Bath, it is a flower shaped bath cushion that conforms perfectly to any sink to make bathing baby comfortable and safe.

The first thing that caught my eye of course was how adorable it was!! Honestly, is there anything cuter than a sweet baby sitting in a flower!? They offer four fun colors- Turquoise, Hot Pink, Canary Yellow and Ivory. I love how vibrant all the options are- so many baby products only offer the pastels, which are great too, but I love a little color! We decided to go with the pink for our daughter, but it was certainly a tough choice!!

But all the cuteness in the world means nothing if it's not also safe and functional for baby, right? The Blooming Bath has both of these covered too! It is thick and plush, and quite honestly I wish they made them for adult sized tubs (I actually have considered using myself as a bath pillow). There is plenty of cushioning to keep baby comfortable during their bath, and protecting them from bumping hard surfaces of typical baby tubs or sinks.

The petal designs make it easy to shape to any sink. I personally like bathing Finley in the bathroom sink (for as long as she fits anyway), so that I can have big brother bathing in the big tub and be bathing little sister at the same time. Our bathroom sinks are quite small, but the Blooming Bath still fits well. We just position the Blooming Bath in the sink, fill with water and we're ready to go. I also found that we could position the petals to where they covered the faucet also, keeping baby from bumping that as well. Because of how super small our sink is, this was a little more difficult but doable...I imagine it would be much easier with a larger sink.

Of course the real test comes down to how Finley likes it...and I am happy to say she LOVES bathtime with the blooming bath. She seems extremely relaxed and comfortable...I honestly think she'd stay in it all the time if she could. The plush petals cradle her perfectly for a comfortable bath time experience. And this Mommy is much more comfortable as well, without the fear of bumps and bruises!! And after the bath is over, you simply wring it out and hang to dry (I usually just toss it over shower rod.) It seems to dry pretty quickly, but you could also toss it into the dryer if you preferred as well.

Overall, I am absolutely in love with this product: it's cute, practical and makes bath time less stressful for everyone. It makes my list of top 10 must haves for a newborn, hands down! Want to buy one for yourself? You can connect with Blooming Bath at the links below:

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Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I received no monetary compensation for this post.


  1. would have loved one of those when m baby was younger.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  2. I really like for the bath time. Looks more comfortable and soothing than a regular bath tub.

  3. My wife has been talking about getting one of these for our next baby.

  4. I saw this at a store and thought it was a cute, neat idea. Doesn't everyone wash their baby in the sink anyway?


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