Thursday, August 29, 2013

Instagram Baby Love

It's been a little while since I shared an Instagram post...August seems to have flown by with little man's birthday, prepping for baby and finally her arrival...and this mama didn't take many pictures early in the month at all. Of course, once Finley arrived that all changed so here are a few pictures taken since her arrival!!

39 Weeks, 2 Days.
Our very last belly picture, taken the morning of her arrival!!!

Miss Finley's First Photo

My Loves

This was taken at about 5 am the morning after Finley was born...Shaun was missing us and wanted to come to the hospital first thing (he'd never been away from us overnight). Thankfully, we were already awake and were able to squeeze in some early morning snuggles! We were only gone two nights, but it seemed like forever being away from my little guy!!

Already a great big brother!

Time to go home!!

Loving snuggling with BOTH my babies!

Nothing sweeter than baby milk dribbles!!

The. Sweetest. Picture. Ever.

Big brother is already teaching baby sister to use the iPad...she seems uninterested!!

A few days old in her first cloth diaper!!

And already loving our Babyhawk carrier too!!!


  1. I love these sweet newborn photos! She looks so squishy!

  2. the pictures of your two bakes are just so precious!

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  3. I love all these pictures!! It makes me SO excited for our second baby to arrive. I'm not due until December but I still cannot wait! The pictures of Shaun and Finley are toooo cute. Sibling love is so precious!


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