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Timeless Maternity Fashion with Momo Baby {A Preparing for Baby Review}

*I received product mentioned in order to bring you this review*

When it comes to fashion, you can never go wrong with sticking to classic, simple styles. This is true with maternity fashions as well. Trends will come and go quickly, and if choose to save your maternity clothes for pregnancies to come, you might just find that those styles you once loved aren't nearly so cute anymore. The classic on the other hand never go out of style!! And when it comes to classic maternity styles, Momo Baby has you covered! For this review, I was sent one of their gorgeous dresses, the 'Heather' Striped Dress in Black.

First of all, how absolutely adorable is this dress? I'm not usually one who wears a lot of black...frankly, I love color, but I loved the simplicity of this dress and knew it would be perfect to add a splash of colorful jewelry to. (Here I am wearing it with a hot pink triangle statement necklace. I've also mixed it with turquoise, red, blue...truly the possibilities are endless! It looks great with everything!) I love the bold stripes, fun little pockets and the versatile black sash. I chose to tie the sash in the back for this particular photo. On their website it shows it tied in the front, and I personally tried it tied to the side as well...all styles looked great and I loved that I was able to mix it up a bit! (And since the sash is removable, you could even mix it up even more with a bright colored belt!) I actually received a ton of compliments when wearing this dress, and I'd have to say this is definitely among my top 5 maternity looks so far. But aside from style, it is also extremely well made and super comfortable! It's stretch knit material made for an awesome fit, and so incredibly soft as well. It felt a bit thicker to me than many of my maternity dresses, but still lightweight enough for the summer heat. This was actually nicer for me because I felt like I didn't have to worry about lines, etc showing as I do with some of my other dresses. Stylish, comfortable and high quality...needless to say, this dress gets two huge thumbs up from me!

This is just one of the many great styles that Momo Baby has to offer. Timeless wrap dresses, simple details and classic silhouettes in a variety of colors...these pieces are stylish enough for the fashion forward mom but, in my opinion, classic enough to be fashionable for years to come! They are also designed to flatter both during and after pregnancy, so when you're still in that in between stage, you have great looks...without looking like you're still shopping the maternity section! And did I mention they are good for the environment? Their signature Modal jersey fabric is made from beech wood tree, so if you're looking to be more green, this is a great option for you! Aside from their maternity collection, they also offer super trendy diaper bags (you know for those moms who don't want their diaper bag to look like a 'baby' bag), baby feeding supplies and the most adorable baby shoes as well!!

If you'd like to find out more about this awesome company, or perhaps do a little shopping, you can connect with them at the links below:

Did you check out the website? What are your favorite styles Momo Baby has to offer? When it comes to maternity fashion, do you prefer trendy or classic? Feel free to share in the comments!

**I received the product mentioned above in exchange for this review. All thoughts are 100% my own. I received no other compensation.


  1. love this dress, wish they had cute styles like this when I was pregnant!

  2. That is CUTE! LOVE your bump :) I am going to go see if they carry nursing wear, I could use more nursing tops.

  3. That is such a pretty dress. You're looking great, mama!

  4. You look fantastic! And that is a lovely dress... and what awesome soft sole shoes!

  5. That dress is super adorable. You look great!


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