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Preparing for Baby with BabyLegs {A Review}

*Product received to bring you this review.

If you've been following my blog for a bit, you've probably seen me mention my love of leg warmers. For adults...and for babies!! Seriously, is there anything cuter than baby leg warmers!? For many people, the first company that comes to mind when thinking of leg warmers for your little one is, of course, BabyLegs. So, I was thrilled when they agreed to sponsor a review and giveaway for my Preparing for Baby event!!

So what's the big deal about BabyLegs? First off, they're ridiculously adorable! Take a look at this selection that I was sent for review...how adorable!!

I received the Heather Legwarmers, Newborn Little Gumball Legwarmers and Blue Bell Socks. My absolute favorite are the Heather Legwarmers...the style is cute, but simple enough that it will match a lot. I also adore the slight ruffle detail at the bottom. The material is very soft (softer than some other brands I've seen in the past), and the quality is wonderful...it's truly no wonder that BabyLegs is such a respected brand for baby leg warmers!! I cannot wait to put these on our baby girl, I know they will look wonderful! These particular warmers are one size...fitting newborns and up. Older kids, tweens, teens and even adults can also enjoy them as arm warmers for a fun fashion statement, or added layers during the cold months! Of course, they will fit much larger on the smallest of babies, so the newborn size are perfect for those earlier days! The Newborn Little Gumball warmers we received are the same great quality as the one size, but made for itty bitty legs. I love the sweet style of these as well...our baby girl has a TON of pink in her closet so these will match just about everything, and bring in some other fun colors too!! And for the environmentally conscience, these particular warmers are made with organic cotton as well!! And finally, the Blue Bell Socks...To be entirely honest, when I first opened the package, I wasn't 100% in love with this particular style...but after giving them another look or two, they grew on me! The sweet little ruffles are perfect for any little girl. They also feature nonskid grippers which will be wonderful when baby is learning to walk on our hard floors.

They offer a large variety of fun styles and prints for all occasions...from every day wear, to varsity prints for the sports fan and even holiday/seasonal selections! Leg warmers are a great addition to any outfit. I think they look particularly adorable with cloth diapers too!!! Aside from being a great fashion accessory though, they're also very practical. Let's face it...babies need their diapers changed A LOT...leg warmers make those frequent diaper changes much easier. Instead of changing pants each time, simply put baby in a simple onesie and leg warmers and you're set! Babies legs can stay warm and no more changing full outfits, the leg warmers can stay on through it all! (This is particularly great once baby starts moving around more!) When baby starts crawling, BabyLegs will protect their little legs as well! And they take up less room in the diaper bag for emergency changes when you're on the go!!

Many of us, myself included, often think leg warmers aren't great for the summer months, but with BabyLegs that's not the case at all. Their BabyCool line leg warmers are made with a breathable mesh ideal for the summer heat and have a UPF 50+ protection....wet or dry!! The ByeByeBugs line offer protection against disease carrying insects like mosquitos, ticks, ants and more. Not only do they look super cute, but they keep your little one protected too! And if you're still not sold on leg warmers, BabyLegs also offers a variety of fun socks as well.

You can connect with BabyLegs below:

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I like the home run legwarmers.

  2. I love the rainbow legwarmers!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the Newborn Anchors Away and Go Fish Legwarmers! I'd love a pair for either Baby Girl A or Baby Boy B!

  4. I like the fly ball socks the best :)

  5. I like the blossom and lucy leg warmers!

  6. I think the Newborn Lil' Bo Peep Legwarmers might be the cutest thing I've seen...

  7. The striped Tweedle leg warmers are cute!

  8. I like the Newborn Lil' Rainbow Legwarmers

  9. I like the Soccer Chick Legwarmers

  10. I like the Pretty In Pink Legwarmers!


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