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What better way to start a post than with that handsome face!? Even super serious, he couldn't be more adorable!! Apparently he is not a big fan of Gap, where he was trying on this hat! We ended up going with a much cheaper, just as cute version from Children's Place. My boy will be stylin'!

My dream diaper bag has arrived!! I am seriously in love. This is one of the items on my baby wishlist that I REALLY wanted, and I'm so happy to have finally gotten it!! Stay tuned for the review coming soon.

With school starting up soon...and a growing boy, my little man desperately needed some new clothes! My intention was to do a Once Upon a Child shopping spree here in a few weeks, but we stopped in Osh Kosh B-Gosh in search for some overalls (Shaun's absolute favorite thing to wear!!) and discovered their super awesome 4th of July Sale going on...overalls were 50% off, clearance was an additional 30%...deals, deals, deals!! I was able to get EVERYTHING pictured above for just over $50...most everything was just around $2 each...even better than thrift store prices. Plus, we got $10 to spend later!! (Another new pair of overalls perhaps!?) If I didn't love Osh Kosh before, I certainly do now!!

Shaun's summer reading...and yes, he WAS actually reading it. He's been reading since he was two and most definitely has the reading ability to read books well beyond his grade level (kindergarten)...though the patience to do so isn't quite there!

I've slowly been making the switch to more green cleaning...this little laundry bag is filled with lavender and herbs to make our clothes smell wonderful...naturally! I thought it made my house smell pretty great too!

 I have never seen so many squirrels since moving to our house here...and that's coming from someone who grew up out in the country!! They are crazy here...I see dozens daily running around the front yard. This little guy got brave and ventured onto the window...silly squirrels!!

I absolutely love Pretty Little Liars, it's the one show I have to watch as it is premiering... so why is it that it always seems to storm when its on!? Very frustrating!

More hair pretties for our baby girl...she's getting quite the little collection started, but still needs a lot more!!!
Every little girl needs tons of bows and flowers, right?

And of course, this weekend was the 4th of July!! My phone was dead during the festivities so no Instagram photos, but here are just a few from our day. To be honest, I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to stay home and rest, but little man really wanted to see fireworks so we ventured into downtown to watch the show. The crowds actually weren't as bad as I had expected they might be...until it was over at least!! Despite the noise, Shaun seemed to enjoy the show...though he much preferred after the show when we were stopped by a ridiculously long train and fireworks were going on over it. (Mommy meanwhile had a baby jumping on her bladder and wished that train was a whole lot shorter!!)


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