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Pregnancy Back Pain Relief w/ It's You Babe {A Preparing For Baby Review}

*I received the product mentioned below in order to share this review.

Let's face it, as wonderful as it is to bring a new little one into the world, pregnancy is not easy! From morning sickness to aching backs, we deal with it all. For me personally, back pain has been a huge issue! Perhaps it is my petite size, but my back simply does not do well with all the added weight that pregnancy brings. Aside from the added weight, add in taking care of a very hyper five year old... well, my poor back just didn't stand a chance! This is why I was thrilled when It's You Babe agreed to send me their Best Cradle to review! Here is a little more info about the Best Cradle:

As soft and comfortable as our Prenatal Cradle, the BEST Cradle by It's You Babe has the added features of an adjustable support band and adjustable shoulder straps allowing the support garment to grow with you throughout your pregnancy. Soft, flexible flannel backed elastics surround and support the entire tummy while gently lifting and supporting the baby as if cradling with your own hands. The BEST Cradle offers full support of your torso while relieving back, abdominal and hip strain. So effective and comfortable you’ll forget you have it on! The BEST Cradle is enthusiastically recommended by Healthcare Professionals for relief of pain associated with Pubic Symphysis and Hip Separation. The BEST Cradle is ideal for the mom having twins, triplets, or quads and for the mom needing support early in her pregnancy.

The Best Cradle is just one of the pregnancy cradles that It's You Babe has to offer. You can choose from a variety of products to see which is the best suited for your pregnancy support needs:

Prenatal CradleCool, Comfortable, Lift for Tummy and Support for Back. Helps improve circulation to legs and feet. Great for Hip Separation, Pubic Symphysis, Won't pull shoulders down.
Prenatal Cradle PlusBlends Prenatal Cradle and V2 Supporter into Ultimate Support combining supreme back and abdominal lift with amazing compression for vulvar varicosities.
Mini CradleMaternity Band supports tummy and back to ease pain. Adjustable hook and eyes won't snag lingerie. Position high or low on back and abdomen. Supports umbilical hernia.

Hip Brace
Stabilizes Sacro-iliac and trochanter with adjustable belt. Compresses lower abdominal incisions
sites for comfort, reduction of swelling and increased tolerance for coughing and deep breathing
during recovery period.

Hip/V2 Combo
Blends Hip Brace and V2 Supporter into hip compression that extends down to provide pubic

V2 Supporter
Clinically proven compression therapy for vulvar varicosities, pubic swelling or the Feeling that,
"everything is going to fall out the bottom." Also for lymphedema, prolapsed bladder or uterus 
and post-surgical application.
Personally, I felt the Best Cradle was the best fit for my needs. During my first pregnancy with my son, I'd used a support band similar to the Mini Cradle and found for me personally, it didn't offer the support I needed, so I knew one of the cradles would certainly be my best option. Since I was still fairly early in my pregnancy, and worried that the size I'd need at that time might not last me throughout with the Prenatal Cradle, the adjustable option of the Best Cradle was the deciding factor for me. I am still on the smallest size option, but I do love that I can adjust if needed...after all, I still have several weeks of growing left!!

After putting it on, I certainly felt a huge relief on the back pain I'd been experiencing! It wasn't a cure all, and the pain didn't go away 100%, BUT it was certainly much better than what it is when not wearing the cradle. It fit perfectly, and supported my belly just as I'd hoped...much better than the pregnancy support I'd used with my son. I'll admit I was a little apprehensive based on the look of the cradle- thinking it would not be comfortable in the least, but I was pleasantly surprised. While I wouldn't say I couldn't tell I was wearing it, it was still very comfortable...enough so even that I was able to sleep in it with no issues. I also had no issues with it riding up- which is a problem I'd experienced with the support belt I'd used with my son. It stayed perfectly in place, even overnight. I also feared that being pregnant during the summer, it would get incredibly hot, but thus far have not noticed that that's been too bad. For the most part, I was extremely pleased with the Best Cradle, and very thankful to have it!!

The customer service was also absolutely wonderful. They were super helpful in the decision of which cradle would work best for my needs, and had I needed help with sizing were very open to help with that as well. I think great customer service says a lot about a company, and It's You Babe certainly excelled in that department!!

The cons? Well, really there was only one...the shoulder straps. While extremely comfortable, the way the cradle is designed makes it quite difficult to hide the straps. I had a slightly difficult time finding tops that completely concealed them, especially being summertime and wearing a lot of tank tops, etc...in the winter, I could see this been much less of an issue with sweater and higher necklines, but for summer pregnancies it's certainly something to consider. Still, it wasn't a deal breaker for me. The relief it provides well outweighs that one inconvenience. And to be entirely honest, I've worn it regardless of the straps showing at times...sometimes comfort truly does outweigh fashion, particularly when it comes to pregnancy! So again, it's something to keep in mind when deciding which is more important! (And of course if you just need a little support, the Mini Cradle would be a good option without worrying about straps!)

If you're looking for some pregnancy relief, I highly recommend giving the Best Cradle a try! It certainly did a LOT to help my back personally. You can check out more about the Best Cradle and the other great products It's You Babe has to offer at their website here.

Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Your experiences may vary.


  1. I could have used this with my last baby. My hip was so sore for months, then my lower back...

    I have a close friend who is pregnant, I will tell her about this product!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ohh I wish I have know about this when I was pregnant!

  3. I bet my sister would have loved to have had this when she was pregnant! I am definitely going to keep it in mind for when I am !

  4. Randi ~ Thank you for this great review! Glad you are enjoying the Best Cradle :) It was a lifesaver for me when I was pregnant with my second baby.

  5. I could've totally used this!! I have such a tiny frame that when I got huge my back struggled so much to support my big belly!! I will definitely look for this when we have our next!!

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