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Life via Instagram {6/19}

Time again for another Life via Instagram post- where I share a little bit of what we've been up to lately, as seen on Instagram! If you'd like to follow me, you can do so right here!

Another great yard sale weekend! We actually got a head start on Friday...I had the car for a doctor's appointment that ended up getting cancelled (after I actually got there! ugh!) so we decided to take advantage and hit up some yard sales. This time we mostly stuck with larger sizes- 3-6 months and 6-9 months, though I'll admit we found a few smaller sizes that we just couldn't resist either! And two Disney princess onesies!! Needless to say, our baby girl will be very well dressed...without us going broke!

Shaun hard at work building a slingshot out of sticks and a rubber band...

And once the slingshot is built, it's time to call for the birds...oh yes, he was ready to play real life Angry Birds! Unfortunately, the birds would not come to him. (Though surprisingly so, our birds are suicidal here! I can't tell you how many times a day they slam right into our windows...I can't even claim that it's because my windows are super clean either...I have a five year old after all!)

Shaun found the perfect Father's Day card for his daddy! He told me, "Daddy will read it and he will laugh."

And he most certainly did!!

My sweet boy and I enjoying a summer picnic in the yard.

Our car seat arrived last week. Have you seen the new Inertia car seat from Baby Trend? It's pretty awesome! I love it! Shaun, as he does with all new baby gear that comes in, had to test it out with his baby sister practice doll- 'Finley plush'. It gets his approval as well!! (There was one day last week that he actually insisted that we take Finley plush to Target with us IN the car seat...I was able to convince him to carry the doll in without the seat at least...what a good big brother he's going to be!)

How fun is this nail polish? The color is called, 'Still Rockin My Pink Bikini'. This came in a super awesome BumpBundle...that I'll be reviewing within the next few weeks!

I put together our Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper this week as well...how cute is this new print!? There will be a review and giveaway coming next week for this as well! Stay tuned!!

Psst, in case you hadn't heard- the voting for the Top 25 Military Mom blogs 2013 is happening NOW until July 4, and A Modern Day Fairy Tale has once again been nominated! If you enjoy my blog, I'd truly appreciate any votes you can send my way! There is nothing to sign up for...just click this link and hit vote! Super easy! And can be done daily! Thanks so much!!


  1. Love his outfit of choice! my kids are always rocking their puddle stompers w/ shorts.

    Chelle @ Oh, just stop already

  2. Yay for garage sales!! You found some cute stuff!


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