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InstaLately {6/6}

Time again to share what we've been up to lately via Instagram!

I'll start this week off with a little humor...and a rare picture of the hubby! (He does exist!)
These wonderful Daddy Scrubs came in this week and my hubby was all too happy to model them!! Isn't he hilarious!? That's why I love him. (Stay tuned for the full review, plus a giveaway too!)

Getting things ready for baby!! Our bassinet (a super awesome blog giveaway win!) came in this week, and I absolutely LOVE it...but our nursery is getting fuller of baby gear...and we haven't even had the shower yet! Still, super excited that everything is coming together. Finley's headband collection has also been started...I'm certain it will grow MUCH larger soon!

Speaking of getting things ready for baby- this lovely little coupon came in the mail earlier this week! $20 just for creating a registry at Target!? Sure, why not!
(I actually ended up using this gift card to stock up on Tide Powder Detergent...$36 minus $4 in coupons minus $20 gift card- $12 for 3 boxes, plus they had a special where when you buy 3, you received a $10 gift card back!! I love Target!)

I am beyond thrilled to share this picture and this news...Shaun has officially be accident free for a few weeks now! I truly and thoroughly believed that we were going to have an un potty-trained 6-year-old and a newborn on our hands come August, but that doesn't seem to be the case...I will share more later on what finally seems to have done the trick (despite being against all typical parenting advice and my own instincts as well...let's just say this one was all Daddy!!). For now, I'll just say he earned new Thomas underwear for being accident free! He decided at the store that he wanted Angry Birds as well, so in a few more weeks, as long as he remains accident free, he'll get those too! I think this time, it's really going to stick!! Thank you, God!!! 

Another reason to love Target...their clearance!! I spotted this Thomas playset one weekend when the little man was with me. They had a TON left, and I knew it would be marked down again so I took the chance that they wouldn't sell out, and checked back on a Thursday (when they mark down toys)...the price sticker was still showing the same, but not wanting to risk them being sold anyway, I went ahead and bought it. (I'd have $9 left on another gift card anyway so it was still going to be cheap!). Once I got it up to the register, I discovered it HAD been reduced again, just not marked. After the gift card, I walked out spending just $4.60!! So this wonderful toy is now sitting in the trunk of our car until I find a better place to hide it until Shaun's birthday in August!!!

And finally, this is what I have been dealing with lately...one horribly swollen and very painful foot.

Oh the joys of pregnancy!



  1. Target is one of my FAVORITE stores. Nice steal on the Tide powdered detergent. :)

  2. Loved this post, the picture of your husband is awesome, definately one for the baby book, the news of Shaun being potty trained made me smile, and the toy was a major score you inspire me!!
    Thanks for sharing tidbits of your adventures.


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