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Life Via Instagram {5/8}

The past few weeks seem as though they have been incredible busy...with everything going on with Shaun at school, a visit from my mother in law, etc...we've kept pretty busy...here is a little glimpse of what we've been up to, via Instagram!!

What better way to start this post than with an 'awww' moment!! Here is my sweet boy Shaun trying to listen to baby sister through Mommy's tummy! He's so ready to finally meet her...and I think the feeling is mutual, she tends to move more when he talks...coincidence? Perhaps, but Mommy thinks its super sweet anyway!

And while he waits (semi) patiently for his REAL sister's arrival, he is getting lots of big brother practice with the doll his Nana bought him so that we could practice being gentle with baby. He named her Finley plush and loves taking care of her...but that gentle concept is still a work in progress!!

Can you believe I found this for just 50 cents!? For those who don't know, I love Superman...and my hubby loves Batman. There is an ongoing battle in our household over who is the best superhero...but let's face it, we all know Superman wins hands down. Anyway, when I spotted this sweet little onesie, I could not resist...if for no other reason than to drive daddy CRAZY!!

My two favorite boys in the world!! Shaun wanted a picture of him and his daddy on Daddy's motorcycle this weekend...too sweet! (And don't worry, he didn't actually get to ride...in all honesty, he's scared of it for the most part because its too loud!!)

Playing on that iPad is hard work!!

Oh my silly kid...while reading his book the other day, Shaun decided to wrap it around his face and announced to me, "Look Mommy, I made a face book". So very clever. Is it any wonder I adore this kid?

This is what happens when Shaun dresses himself...overalls and no shirt!! Overalls are his absolute favorite- but unfortunately, these are just about too short! Still, he refuses to let them go...at least they're adorable!!

Ah, Starbucks!! I love Starbucks...and apparently, baby girl does too...their frappucinos are the ONLY thing aside from water that I have been able to drink during this pregnancy without feeling sick! The girl already has fantastic taste! (And of course, I only order decaf, promise!)

24 Weeks and growing like crazy!!

Shaun wanted to bake cookies with Mommy...okay, really he wanted to bake an apple pie, but we had only two apples so chocolate chip cookies were our fall back...As a funny side note, he still refuses to eat those two apples because, "We can't make a pie with two apples...this is TERRIBLE!". Perhaps Mommy should buy some more apples and make this boy a pie, hmmm?

Have I ever mentioned I'm short? Well, I am...just around 5 foot to be exact! Which means when driving, I need to be super close to the steering wheel in order to reach the gas and see. Usually, this isn't a problem at all, but with my growing belly...well, let's just say that if she grows too much more, I may find myself unable to drive!! (It's already getting harder to get OUT of the car!)

Shaun found a worm this weekend. He named him Henry. Isn't he adorable!? (Shaun, not the worm!!)

And another small sneak peak of *some* of the reviews and giveaways to come in the next few weeks! (And for those not expecting, don't worry- I've got a few for you this month as well- check back tomorrow and Friday for two super wonderful Mother's Day giveaways!!)


  1. pretty pics,you look so pretty ;)

  2. Lots of awwwwww moments.

    I agree, Superman is superior. Batman needs trinkets and gadgets whereas Superman's power is in him.

    I'm short too (5'2")... good things come in small packages (wink).

    Wishing you a lovely day!


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