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InstaLately {4/25}

No better way to start off an instalately post than with some Shaun cuteness, right?
Here is my sweet boy picking some flowers for mommy after school last week...what a sweetheart!!

Shaun says, "Look, I'm a Thomas kid!"
Yes, yes he is!!

How cute is this little bow!? I found it for a few dollars at Forever 21 a few weeks ago and HAD to buy it! Love, love, love!!

A look from mommy's point of view- 22.5 weeks!!
Can you see how she tends to stay more to the left side?

My silly, silly boy...acting just like his Daddy! He was wearing his boots, motorcycle helmet and even wearing a shirt of Daddy's favorite band!! He told us he was going to take the motorcycle to Wal-Mart to buy some toys...I'm going to have trouble on my hands with this one!!

A little comparison shot- 22 weeks with Shaun, 21.5 weeks with Finley.
Funny, I really have been feeling like I was much larger this time around (at least I know I was showing much sooner), but looking at the pictures, it seems at that point anyway, I'm actually a bit smaller...and carrying much higher too, so perhaps that's the difference!!

Over the weekend we went to visit my family. While there I straightened my niece's hair and took her on a little modeling shoot...so much fun! With Shaun, taking pictures is a fight...he has no interest, but with Miss Braelynn, she had me going all over the place snapping pictures of her! She's definitely a little ham, and I loved it!! (And in case you were wondering- yes, there is a crack in my camera screen, mysteriously, and it makes me sad...but it still works, so that's all that matters!)

While at my mom's, I also went through my hope chest and found some handmade goodies from my great grandma that I thought might be just perfect for some newborn pictures! These are just a few of the MANY that I had from her. For awhile, every time we would go to visit, she'd have something new made for us...my hope chest is probably half full of just that! I cannot complain though, I love having so many great things from her and lots to share with future generations too!!


  1. I totally identify with your mom's point of view! I'm about a week behind you and beginning to lose sight of my toes... haha!

  2. Total side comment about your cracked camera LCD screen! It is a nikon so is forgiven, just saying! :) -- a reader from littlecrunchy.com


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