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{22 Weeks}

22 Weeks- getting closer and I feel it! Every part of my body aches a little more each day and getting comfortable is harder and harder. We had our 22 week appointment today and everything is looking great! She has a good, strong heartbeat and is measuring right on schedule! Mommy was lectured not to be carrying around the big baby, but aside from that everything is going okay!

I am still half and half on maternity/regular clothes...my pre-maternity jeans have been a no go for a few weeks now and now some of my tops are getting a bit short as well. And maternity jeans are still a no go too...at least we've had some warmer days lately!!

The registry is finished and the shower date is set...and I've been told to stop shopping until then...easier said than done, but really I haven't done too much lately anyway....I get worn out much too easily to do TOO much shopping!!

Shaun is very excited about mommy's growing belly and knows that means its getting closer to time for baby to arrive...though he would still love it to be ANY day now!! He will be shocked when the day actually arrives after all this waiting!!


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