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Choosing A Nursery Theme: Princess or Cupcakes?

I thought choosing a nursery theme would be easier one we knew if baby was a boy or a girl...but here we are a few weeks later and I am still completely undecided!!

Last week, I posted this photo on my personal Facebook page asking for opinions...princess or cupcakes?

I was truly hoping that one would win out by an overwhelming vote...but to my surprise, they were both fairly equal! So I went to Photoshop and worked on some prints that would go on the wall for each theme.

Cupcake Themed Prints

Princess (Cinderella) Themed Prints

Still, fairly equal....so now I bring it to you my lovely readers to ask YOUR opinions!!


Pros: The Scentsy warmer matches perfectly...keeping the same colors we already have in the bedding, while bringing in the pink. (Visually, this one is more appealing to me for that reason). I love cupcakes. Cupcake is a nickname between one of my best friends and I. Not as commonly done as the princess theme. Who doesn't like cupcakes?

Cons: No real cons, other than there is less of a story/sentimental value than the other option.


Pros: I love Cinderella...so much in fact that when my husband and I met for the first time, he brought me glass slippers and whisked me off to the ball (Marine Corps Ball), so this theme has a lot of significance to our little family. Would probably be a bit easier to find coordinating decor for. What little (or big) girl doesn't love princesses?

Cons: A fairly common theme...even though we'd be doing our own unique spin on it (not overly pink, etc).

Either way, I know she will end up with lots of princess and lots of cupcake goodies...toys, clothes, everything else! After all, they are two of MY favorite things and my best friends know me well!! But what do you think...what theme would you go with? How else would you incorporate those themes into the decor? Am I just being too indecisive!? Anyone else have a tough time making decor decisions?


  1. I think the cupcakes theme is very adorable, and definitely a refreshing change from the typical princess theme you see in many baby girls' bedrooms and nurseries.

    Jenn, http://www.in-my-bag.com

  2. Cupcakes. Definitely cupcakes ^.^

    I personally think that the princess/Cinderella theme has been WAY overdone; plus I'm sure when your little girl is older, she'll inevitably go through a princess phase so it's not like you'll lose out on it!

  3. Cupcakes, I think the princess theme is yours, you and your husband have a story with it. Cupcakes though that is all your little girl. Plus I agree with Kayla she will most likely go through a princess phase later so you will get the best of both worlds. :) Love her name by the way so cute

  4. Cupcakes!! Princesses are overdone with little girls, in my opinion, and while they're fun, cupcakes are totally unique! :)

  5. I think I like cupcakes the best.

  6. Honestly, I prefer cupcakes. Reason is that the princess thing is overdone and the majority of the "princesses" we let our daughters envy and hope to be like are helpless and are only rescued by men. I know that's totally reading into it way too much, but I feel as a mom to a little girl- to teach her to want to be like strong figures who can rescue themselves!

  7. I like cupcakes over princess! love the colors!

  8. Definitely go with the cupcakes, might last longer:) both are cute.

  9. I like the cupcakes and princess theme, they are both girly. I would probably choose the princess, because I see my little girls as my princesses :)

  10. I love the cupcake theme! I wasn't ever a girly girl who liked princesses, but I AM a cupcake lover, so it's a clear choice for me!

  11. I prefer the cupcake theme. Princesses are nice, but can be overdone IMO.


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