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{Not Much of an Update} Update: 16 Weeks!!

16 Weeks!!! I'm not sure how this makes any sense, but there's one part of me that thinks it seems as though I've been pregnant FOREVER, and the other part that thinks it seems to be flying by. (It's that second part of me that keeps thinking about all we need to get done before August! Or it'll be here before we know it!)

In my past bump update posts, I've had a few comment on how I dress...knowing I'm a stay at home mom and wondering if there was an occasion or if those were my day to day outfits. I'll admit, mostly those are my day to day outfits...I love getting dressed up and making myself look presentable, I feel more productive that way. BUT for those wondering, this particular outfit was for my sister in law's wedding this weekend. I'm seriously running out of clothes to wear, so I was happy to find something in my closet that worked!!

At this wedding, I was asked to take a few family group shots after the ceremony since they had no professional photographer (and with the forewarning not to expect pro quality, of course!). When I take photos, I tend to get a little into it, I guess you could say...laying on the ground, crouching, standing on whatever I can find to get a better angle...yesterday, it was standing on the church pews. Lesson learned: Pregnancy, high heels and climbing onto church pews...not a good combination!! I've managed to hurt my leg!! Ouch!! But it was fun, nonetheless!!

Aside from that, no real pregnancy symptoms or issues to report. Sleep is getting harder, but I don't know if that has more to do with pregnancy, or with little man kicking me in the back of the head...all. might. long. Truthfully, I think the latter is the more likely culprit! I am more than ready for our ultrasound on the 27th to get here, so that we can find out for sure baby Finley's gender and get some shopping done! I have the utmost respect for those who keep it a surprise until the delivery room...I'm a very patient person normally, but NOT about this!! I feel like right now we're definitely in a stand still, waiting to know before we can get everything done and ready!! Just a few more weeks!! Let's hope they fly by!!


  1. I do like all your outfits. You always look so pretty and put together. I've always found that the better I look, the better I feel. Looking forward to next update.

  2. You look lovely in that black dress-very classy. Hope your leg feels better soon.

  3. Stopping by from the pregnancy journal linkup. I'm 16 weeks as well. :) Well, 17 tomorrow! I love that dress!


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