Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello Spring DIY

Simply Smithwick

Spring DIY

This is our far!

(Don't worry, those non matching curtains are going!)
Most of the things on my 'do it myself' list this spring involve this room. I have a few DIY decor projects already completed (such as the pom balls in the corner there) and the frame was a redone mirror I'd done ages ago as well, but there are still a couple things that I need/want to get done.

First up, letters for the wall! These will go inside the frame above the crib. I've gone back and forth between a monogram or 'Finley/Finley Grace', as well as back and forth on if I want to have it as a wall decal or painted/decoupaged letters. I think I'm leaning more towards 'Finley' with the wooden letters. We rent, so I think it would be the better, longer lasting option!!! Now to find a style of letters I like (that has all the letters we need) and get them done!! I also want to make some for Shaun's room as well...I'm thinking primary colors, and using our Autism Awareness ribbon to hang? Decisions, decisions!

Also on my list: wall decor of some sort...though what specifically I've not decided. I've been considering making some little canvas wall art for above the changing table. I'm not super crafty, so it would need to be something simple. I've thought perhaps something with a glass slipper/Cinderella silhouettes, in honor of the way hubby and I met in person the first time...or perhaps something with cupcakes, because I LOVE cupcakes...those are assuming baby is for sure a girl of course. (The countdown is on- under a week until our big ultrasound now!) Otherwise birds maybe?

I also need to replace some knobs on the nightstand in here (which you cannot see in the photo, but one knob is missing). I have found a few sets I like, but they're both pretty girly, so I'm again...waiting!

It seems the first thing on my to do list truly needs to be making up my mind, doesn't it? Hopefully after the ultrasound next week, I'll feel more comfortable making those decisions anyway and can get it done! At least we have until August (though I'm already under doctor's orders to rest as much as I possibly can with a Shaun to chase after- so sooner is better...but more on that later!)

What do you think our little nursery needs?


  1. I love the poms! :) The nursery is going to be so cute! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Oh it's beautiful! I can't wait to see more!


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