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Hello Spring Cleaning!

Simply Smithwick

Spring cleaning isn't nearly as much fun as spring fashion is it? But still, a necessary evil!
Organization is still #1 on my spring cleaning list, but there are a few other to dos on my list as well...like scrub the tub, clean out the washer & dryer, get rid of clothes that are too small or won't be worn again...all that fun stuff!!

I think in the blog world there is often an unspoken rule to always put your best foot forward...you know, post the pics where your hair actually cooperates and you're dressed well...and if it's a picture of your home, make sure it looks spotless. Well, today I'm going to break that rule and show you the reality of the state of my son's playroom and bedroom right now! Are you ready for this? It's not pretty!!

 And would you believe this happens in just a matter of hours? I don't have a kid who will just search calmly for a toy he wants to play with...no, he prefers to toss things aside, dump out every toy he owns and just generally ransack the place until he finds that one little toy! Oh dear...spring cleaning goal this year? Teach the little one to clean up his own mess because this mommy is exhausted!! Seriously!

That's a good spring cleaning goal, right?


  1. That's a great goal!! Good luck! :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. I think that goal is genius!! :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. That's a great goal and good luck with that (hehe) Seriously, they can be taught but it's like anything else, one step at a time. Start small and get them to 'help' you. Love the pictures! Looks like my house and my kids are grown... and the grandkids don't have to help clean up ;)

  4. Every home owner wants to have a clean and tidy home, great tips you shared.


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