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Bows or Bowties? {Baby is a...}

As some of you may already know, yesterday was our big gender reveal ultrasound!
I have to tell you, I was up most of the night before worried about it! For those new to reading, from the very beginning, Shaun has been absolutely convinced that he was having a baby sister. Matt and I had similar feelings that it was a girl, but knew that we would be happy with either. Shaun on the other hand was not so flexible. Try as we did, we could not get him to accept the fact that his baby Finley might not really be a girl, and we really had no say in the matter.

For children with Autism, change can be extremely difficult...even if that just means a change in how he believes something should happen. So all night and all morning I worried about how he would react if baby was a brother and how we would break that to him. It was not a conversation I was looking forward to having. As we were preparing for the ultrasound, our wonderful ultrasound tech also admitted that she'd been worried all morning as well, knowing how insistent Shaun was about this baby being a girl. Though we'd not seen anything indicating he was wrong on our last ultrasound, we knew that it was still early and that could have changed. But the results are in and baby is a...

Finley Grace

Whew! What a relief!! Shaun knew what he was talking about all along...or we just got really lucky, but either way, we are THRILLED. Shaun of course was excited, but also looked at us all as though we were crazy anyway...afterall, he'd been telling us since Day 1. In his mind, there was no other option!!

So now comes the fun part- finishing up the registry and nursery and full on shopping!!! Lace and ruffles and bows...I fear for our bank account!!


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