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InstaLately {1/23}

Linking up again this week for InstaLately with Perfectly Imperfect.

This is this generation's version of staying up with a flashlight and a book, reading under the covers. Too bad, it doesn't work out so well when he's hiding under the blankets on Mommy and Daddy's bed!

On another note, Shaun was very excited this week to get his very own iPad! Mommy was very excited that we didn't have to pay a dime for it...here's the deal, a few weeks back, Shaun had a little bit of an accident involving water with daddy's laptop. The good news was, we'd spent the extra money to buy the Geek Squad protection. The bad news? Apparently, when you have an Apple computer, and it's been nearly two years, the replacement cost doesn't completely cover the cost to buy the new upgraded Macbook Pro. But since the hubby rarely used his laptop anyway (and instead did everything on the iPad) and had been wanting the newest version, we decided to instead get that. It was 100% covered, and we were even able to get a Lifeproof case for it as well...so now Shauny got the old version (which is actually only less than a month old, thanks to a small crack that was covered by warranty!), and Daddy got the new version he'd been wanting. And Mommy gets nothing cool...Ha! (I did inform Shaun that he had to share with Mommy, but let's be honest, in the year that Matt has had one, I don't believe I've used it once...am I the only one that doesn't really care for them at all?)

Did anyone else see NKOTB on The View yesterday morning? It made me a very happy girl! (But a little depressed when I found out their tour isn't coming to our area!)

My little jewelry tree from Dayspring was starting to overflow, making it impossible to find anything on it...I'd looked online for some DIY jewelry holders, but wasn't finding anything I loved or that would work well in the space, but I had this photo holder (also from Dayspring) and decided to try it out as a jewelry holder and see if it worked...I think I like how it turned out! It's mostly just holding the earrings and then a few larger necklaces that didn't work well on the tree, but it certainly makes it easier to see what I have!!

Shaun cuddles are the greatest. When he's awake, he constantly on the go and has no time to stop for snuggles, but come bedtime, he's the best cuddler in the world.

This was our exciting long weekend. Matt, Shaun and hubby's best friend all on their devices...all playing minecraft. Boys!

Some of Shaun's schoolwork from last week. He created this wonderful little book during Writer's Workshop. They've been having this all year long, but this is the first time he's ever actually brought anything home. Of course, it was a book about 20th Century Fox!! Mommy was so proud!

And finally, my pretty new iPhone case. Isn't it cute!?
Because Shaun got his new iPad, we decided to take an old iPhone we'd been holding onto for Shaun to play with to Verizon to trade in. We intended to use that credit towards next month's bill, but when the salesman showed Matt a helicopter that you control from your iPhone (or iPad), he was sold. So he got that and I got this pretty new case. I think I got the better end of the deal!


  1. My kids would be so jealous - they love to steal mine. Instead of hiding under blankets though they prefer to hide in a dark closet.

  2. Minecraft permeates my home as well. It's mostly my son who has the addiction, but the husband isn't above playing for hours (or an entire day, or an entire night). His little friends come over and they play four player on the Xbox and then fight and argue over who's building or destroying what. Fun times.

  3. Wonderful pictures. Nothing like a good snuggle with your little guy. Mine is almost 14 and it's RARE that I get to be close enough to him for a hug. * SIGH *

    I really enjoy your blog and am your newest follower. Blessings to you!! Love Proverbs as well.

    Penny Roach

  4. I love what you did with that photo holder! Such a great idea!
    My mom recently gave me one of her large jewelry armoires but my only complaint is that I can't see everything out on display. your set-up is perfect!

    Isn't it crazy how much we've come to love and depend on technology?! Sometimes I wonder if it's too much but I continue on anyway
    THanks so much for linking up and hope you will again!


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